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Map of the local innovation industry.
Meet some of the best and newest startups based in Miami.

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ID 293856

Thomas Pham

Co-Founder of Swik. Likes to have tech/business discussions over a bike ride or on a ski lift (only if you can keep up).

ID 598417

Rafael Aguilar

Co-Founder & CEO: @my Sports Arena. Co-Founder & CTO @simple X Share. Co-Founder @selfeels Entrepreneur.

ID 84961

Maurice Lopes

Founder @earlyshares, @hotbrick-network-solutions • Worked at @motorola

ID 601046

Thomas Keslinke

Thomas Co-founded @chef-s-roll-inc a global network for culinary professionals. Thomas has worked in fine-dining, Luxury hotels and Fortune 500 Companies.

ID 781023

Elias Sierra

I'm a web designer, ui developer, wordpress addict, online entrepeneur in Miami, Fl. USA. Co-founder and CTO at Biveomakers.

ID 327777

Ryan Parker

Brand Builder, Art Photographer, Golfer, Startup Guy

ID 143712

Kirill Elizarov


Founder DIN Forums Network and FUN Communications. Strong media and PR background (news outlets). Education: VGIK, Institute of Cinematography

ID 739981

Salo Sterental

Music Entrepreneur, Co-Founder @SoStereo; Previously @zumba-fitness & @sony-music-entertainment-latin-america ; @berklee-college-of-music-1 Alumn

ID 814597

Ozelle Martin

CoFounder @speedy-counsel-1. 3L at University of Maryland Law. Grad of St. John's University + Florida International University. Worked in Tech + Marketing.

ID 323062

Shirley Rozgonyi

Co-Founder Swik • Fire starter extraordinaire • Studied at @rhode-island-school-of-design

ID 14930

Jess Page

Co-Founder of Green Sheep • Designer

ID 677853

Eduardo Jose Escobar


Founder of @klike-1 Studying Economics and Business @belmont-abbey-college

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