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ID 217974

Dmitriy Gudovskiy


ID 70605

Christopher Wall


Investor in @david-corporation, @profitkey-international, @4-elements-inc, @ocean-smart-inc, @halo-technology-holdings, @fulmer-logistics, @intelligentsias...

ID 4371

Jesse Thomas

Jesse Thomas is the Founder of @jess3 – a creative interactive agency specializing in Social Media Data Visualization.

ID 261469

Alberto Tarajano


Jack of all trades, business leader and problem solver. Passionate about the intersection of finance and technology.

ID 82471

Christopher J. Crippen


Director of Business Development at Innotion Enterprises

ID 50591

Noel Poler


CEO @latinlists; VC Cedel International Investments

ID 528507

Brian Canida


Principal at family investment vehicle and corporate attorney • Investor @open-english @partender @natel-energy

ID 211439

Peter Kellner


Investor in early and growth stage technology companies across 5 continents. Cofounder of Entrepreneurship lecturer at Princeton.

ID 406353

Paul Karger


Cofounder/Managing Partner @twinfocus-capital-partners Cofounder/President @BridgeBostonCharterSchool

ID 58863

Ramón Hermosilla Gómez-Cuétara

Founder and CEO, Hermanos Gómez Cuétara

ID 281452

Vadim Tarasov


One of the co-founders of BMAT ( ), now shareholder, work @bright Capital , Media3, Keen Mind Ventures, Venture Partner @ Target Ventures

ID 22648

JD Polk


Hav worked for over 20 yrs to keep hope alive in the Renwable Energy Arena I and Lawton Chiles co-authored first co-generation legis 1992 Pioneered 3way hybrid

ID 93131

Chris Harrison

Seasoned Executive and Entrepreneur with Technology, Internet Marketing and Educational industry experience.

ID 201926

William Harlow


ID 505241

Zheng Fang


Director of Business Intelligence, Analytics Guru, Website Owner, knows SEO and the healthcare industry

ID 282180

Jose I. Canto


Experienced investor in early stage companies with a strong business background. Babson College grad.

ID 75039

Ross Johnson


Entrepreneur & Marketing Visionary

ID 31007

Shalimar Santiago

Bringing the best out of the people who follow me!! Birthing business ideas and bringing them to the marketplace.

ID 479613

John O'Rourke


Managing Member at ATG Capital, LLC

ID 138108

Alyse Killeen


Early stage Venture Capital Investor ** rooting for underdogs & outsiders **

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