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ID 158510

Sanjay Kamlani


Founder @pangea3 • Worked at @pwc-1, @thomson-reuters • Studied at @duke-university

ID 38596

Adam Rogas


Founder / COO @load (SaaS/asp), CTO @vegas-com (sold to Greenspun Media Group), CIO CityQuick (@la-com,, Adviser London Board Of Tourism

ID 25433

Lluis Faus


CEO and Founder of @vlex, Gobal Legal Research Platform

ID 232590

Felice Gorordo

CEO of @clearpath-immigration • Co-founder of @RootsofHope • @WhiteHouse alum • Studied at @Georgetown-university

ID 74467

Brett Reed

Chief Operating Officer of @cohealo

ID 53720

Marco Giberti


Entrepreneur. Angel Investor

ID 108153

Noah Slimak


co-founder @piictu-2 - NYC.

ID 8077

Joaquim Venancio


Passionate entrepreneur at @ticies and @3dvix. Mobile at Banco do Brasil. Cook Trainee, Brazilian, Internet Enthusiast

ID 24018

Will Weinraub

Co-founder/CEO at @liveninja. Started first internet business at 13, second at 16. Background in communications, sales & marketing.

ID 22714

Demian Bellumio


COO of @senzari, Founder of @hackday-foundation, President Aunken Ventures, Founding Shareholder @broadspan-capital.

ID 406487

Tony Lopez


Founded AHI Software sold to RelayHealth a McKesson business unit December 2012.

ID 166493

Mike Cuesta

Director of Design & Community at @carecloud; design-driven and technology-focused growth strategist

ID 5474

Daniel Blake Saltman


Serial Entrepreneur with focus on consumer web. Founded several companies (3 acquired, 1 VC backed). Been working on startups for over a decade

ID 140219

Guido Kovalskys

@nearpod founder & serial entrepreneur

ID 81883

Frank Gruber

CEO & Co-founder @tech-cocktail tech startup news & events. Author of Startup Mixology book. Former developer turned product development at @aol & @tribune-interactive.

ID 123020

Peter Thomson

Tech Exec & BizDev... At 23, developed CaseTrack software for legal • Founded 2 Startups and worked in Finance w/ Merrill Lynch • @carnegie-mellon-university-2

ID 10851

Giuliano Stiglitz


CEO - Orange Advertising Network Americas

ID 211439

Peter Kellner


Investor in early and growth stage technology companies across 5 continents. Cofounder of Entrepreneurship lecturer at Princeton.

ID 29604

Hector Hulian


Entrepreneur, Investor and Internet Addict.

ID 121014

Dean Heller


President of @videomd Transitional Care

ID 22049

Seth Elliott


15 years as a Senior Executive for technology startups, specializing in Business Development, Strategy and Operational Execution. Founder: Startup Forum.

ID 65796

Kyle Michelson

Founder of @streamup - Watch and Broadcast Live Video. Seed Funded. @university-of-southern-california, @london-school-of-economics.

ID 58191

Alex Cabrera

Co-Founder of @marquee. Developing on the web before it was cool. Ran a client-side development agency for three years. ISPs, Advertising, @techstars-1, The U.

ID 255531

Joseph Santoro

DC/LA Superconnector @forbes @MoxieStrategy @StartupGrindDC @ADmapco Creative Strategist, Media2.0Sensei, Political Wonketeer, Entrepreneurial Techie, Neuro PhD

ID 152436

Matt Pasternak

Worked at @insightexpress, @information-resources • Studied at @new-york-university, @babson-college

ID 175275

Maximiliano De Muro


Tech entrepreneur, advisor, intrapreneur and executive

ID 298258

Aabad R. Melwani


Investor @boatbound. Atlas Marine Partners

ID 61448

Alfonso Martinez

I am Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer of LiveNinja. I love ampersands & the web. I'm a UX/UI Architect that uses CSS as a weapon. Have at you.

ID 40561

Andrew Sturner


Serial Entrepreneur in Tech, Real Estate & Media. Board Member & Advisor to many for-profit and not-for-profit businesses. Retired Attorney. YPO Miami Chapter.

ID 332345

Anand Appulingam


Founder @atacama-capital-partners • Worked at @morgan-stanley, @united-states-army • Investor @activereplay, @hitch • Studied at @georgetown-university

ID 280295

John S. Knight

Founder, the Knight Foundation, which invests in media innovation through the Knight Enterprise Fund. Publisher, Knight Newspapers. Innovator.

ID 587234

Peter Livingston


Living in Miami after 30 years in Silicon Valley. Experience across the startup ecosystem - as an Engineer, Founder, CEO, Angel Investor, and Corporate VC.

ID 34592

Alex de Carvalho

Co-Founder at BuzzMed, Adjunct Professor at U. Miami, Author, Co-Founder of @the-startup-forum and Founder of Social Media Club South Florida, among other things

ID 111566

Matthew Fong

User Interface Engineer at @genability. Founder/Developer of @advance-screenings. @georgia-institute-of-technology-1 Computer Science 08

ID 335356

Sergio Fernández de Córdova


Founder @p3-global-management, @fueloutdoor • Investor @wirelawyer, @p3-global-management • Studied at @massachusetts-institute-of-technology, @rutgers-university-new-brunswick

ID 24307

Ernie Pang

CEO/Founder @bake450 (Mobile Gaming Studio). Sr Mgr Media/Entertainment @globant. Dir Business Dev @nextive Mobile. Tech TeamLead @ibm-global-business-services

ID 200331

Gianni D'Alerta

Bitcoin / Ethereum / Crypto Currency Champion - Currently working at @activepbx • Worked at @addashop-com, @sapient, @alienware • Founder @kompani-group

ID 45798

Dave DeMink


Current: RVP, Sales - North America at @ringcentral. 12 years SMB Sales/Marketing experience - Loudcloud, WebEx, SuccessFactors, @ringcentral

ID 414463

Philipp Muehlbauer


Co-Founder of Picanova Group, first startup founded out of highschool, Entrepreneur, Onlinemarketing Generalist, Angel Investor and Master in General Management

ID 73372

Jason Calleiro

Founder ResumeRobo • Work at @.CO • Worked at @senzari, @carecloud, @alienware

ID 24708

Mark Laymon

Lead Coworking Catalyst Launching Caffeine Spaces, a Coworking Network in South Florida!

ID 203085

Alain Fontaine

CTO at @clutch-prep • Studied at @university-of-miami, @florida-international-university

ID 35515

Michael Konig


CEO at

ID 157603

Carrie Mantha

Founder @indira • Former physician & biotech investor, advanced manufacturing consultant, UX lover, BS from @university-of-florida, MBA from @auburn-university-1

ID 213803

Henrique Cabral


Founder @mafua • Studied at @university-of-miami, @universidade-catolica-de-pernambuco

ID 202311

Artem Volos

COO/CFO & Co-founder @clutch-prep (previously @j-p-morgan-1)

ID 114588

Brian Brackeen

Founder & CEO of Kairos. Former Apple, IBM, & ADP visionary. Bringing Facial Recognition to all of your apps and services.

ID 65574

Jared Husch

Growth, product, and operations strategist with a passion for technology, entrepreneurism, and information

ID 52044

Stonly Baptiste


Co-Founder @urban-us Helping startups help cities;Past : EVP @independenceit , Co-Founder, Co-Founder, Founder

ID 118047

Darren P Hoffman

Founder of Tutti Dynamics. 11+ years music & film production, Lincoln Center, New World Center. BFA, FSU. Basin Street Scholar, University of New Orleans.

ID 164392

Gabriel Cebrian

Co-founder/CTO of @blendspace. Rails/JS/Objective-C developer. Worked at Microsoft. Georgia Tech alumnus.

ID 199508

Marcio Souza

Founder Clutch Tutoring • Studied at @florida-international-university

ID 70395

Tim Barnes


CEO and Founder of @medclimate. Owned and managed several successful startup companies with successful exits.

ID 64260

Jon Lamb


Father, CEO, COO, CMO, Accredited Angel Investor, Board Member and Automotive Insider

ID 73569

Richard Grundy

Founder of @flomio, Inc. SW Architect at Motorola. Awarded 2 patents to date. Extensive research in low-power wireless and indoor location.

ID 45195

Jorge Barahona

Founder @clerkhotel-1, @ayerviernes • Studied at @pontificia-universidad-catolica

ID 960

Pierre Schurmann


Entreperneur and investor in Brazil. I have started and successfully exited 3 startups. 

ID 70877

Javier E. Gonzalez


Founder, Investor, Advisor. @INSEAD MBA. (Ad)venture seeker.

ID 341592

Azamat F Kurbanov


• Investor @kown-1, • Studied at @bournemouth-university, @miami-dade-college

ID 39553

Mike Fingado

Founder @mowdo • Worked at @tred • B.S. & M.S. Economics & Sport Management at @FSU • Former D1 Athlete at Florida State

ID 342443

David Finkelstein


Founder of numerous Internet companies dating back to 1994. Currently Co-Founder and CEO @big-data-exchange. Member of EO (Entrepreneurs Organization).

ID 105618

Gabriel Rotman

Developed 2 Internet startups since age of 12; both were acquired before the age of 22. Consulted for start-ups, small public and Fortune 1000 companies.

ID 552165

Hans Stier

Founder of Bonaverde. 1st roast-grind-brew coffee machine & online coffee farmers' marketplace.

ID 118927

Rob Gonda

Innovator, Futurist, Marketer, Technologist - Global Head of Emerging Technology & Innovation for SapientNitro

ID 61954

Auston Bunsen

programmer / entrepreneur

ID 125244

Daniel Lafuente

COO/CFO & Co-founder at @the-lab-miami. On the board at MIA Made and U-Doodle. Strong fundraising background. @university-of-pennsylvania C'10.

ID 96117

Brian Breslin

Founder @refresh-miami, @infinimedia-inc • Undergrad @university-of-virginia - now EMBA @kellogg-school-of-management

ID 103197

Nestor Villalobos


An Ironman Triathlon finisher and entrepreneur, Nestor’s drive in work and personal life are unequivocal.

ID 32447

Chachi Camejo

CTO, 15+ years of Programming Experience; Advisory Board Devry University

ID 180721

David LeVine


Selected as one of the top 100 Technology Visionaries as a forerunner in cloud-based computing. Built and sold a cloud-based ERP platform. Considered by many as the go-to-guy for startups in the Miami area.

ID 181551

Joshua Stedman

Founder/COO @videoo. Founder @rainmaker Key (viral videos). Sales & Biz Dev @Meditab Software. VP, Technology @audioaudit (TV-Ad tracking); acquired by Nielsen. 2-Years @morgan-stanley

ID 90892

Val Brennan

Fmr. bigfirm Laywer turned entrepreneur-business expert passionate about the health & fitness space. Fndr @three-day-rule • Wrkd at @bryan-cave • Studied at @university-of-florida

ID 72511

.CO Internet

The company behind the .CO domain. Yes, there are real people behind your domain!

ID 380817

Neil DeSilva

ID 51278

Peter Hubshman

Start-up, private equity, and capital markets experience combined. I work at the early and first round stages to conceptualize strategies and financial plans.

ID 170488

Pierre Olivier Carles


President at @digidust. Nice guy since 1970. Rugby & Wine lover. Supporting as many Startups as possible.

ID 23709

Bernino Lind

Co-founder: Micro finance student loans. Aresa land mine plant went to IPO. WEF tech pioneer. Execution and strategy in various startups.

ID 135997

Andrew Saunders

Integrated Marketing & Content Solutions Executive at CAA (@creative-artists-agency). Featured in Wired, Fast Company and Banff Media Festival.

ID 256488

Jeffrey Fermin

Workplace enhancer. High Five Supplier. Minimalist. Functions > Titles.

ID 272693

Adam Gray

Full stack hacker. Ruby, NodeJS, Golang. Genus Ventus, Ventus Generis. Developer at @trackif

ID 123299

Leonardo Gruszka

Co-Founder of @ta-lend. Strong Finance, Analytical and Software background. Worked @ Capital One. MS from @stanford-university University. English, Spanish, Italian & Hebrew

ID 148940

Ryan Del Rosal


Founder @snapscore-me-1 , Investor/advisor @ultraplay (leading gambling platform for BTC and other crypto currencies) Sold @cleantie (Seemless for laundry)

ID 88251

Joe Levy

Founder & CEO of @clearci. Former Director R&D and Corporate VC @meltwater-group. Very international. Finance & military background.

ID 196855


Founder Intellievents • Worked at @ernst-young, @citigroup • Studied at @columbia-university, @university-of-virginia

ID 48399

Arturo Perez

Out of the box, Self-made Entrepeneur. Creative Director, Filmmaker, Musician and inventor, 2 days new to the Bay Area, with the greatest startup of the decade

ID 39272

Ulises I. Orozco

Founder of CloudShopper, @ecient-group and WeAreSilicon Beach. Co-Founder of @social-media-club-south-florida. BBA Entrepreneurship, Finance & Marketing focus

ID 346182

Julio Alonso

Founder & CEO Weblogs SL. 8 years online media experience. 10 years international management consulting (Cluster Consulting, Value Partners)

ID 129085

Ramón Cacho

Marketing Manager @aptdeco | Co-founder @q-nepa-www-qnepa-com

ID 275201

Timothy De La Ossa - Kral

Founder Siembra • Studied at @san-jose-state-university, @loyola-university-chicago

ID 73546

Juan Bermudez

Minister of Tech at @nightpro.

ID 818280

Michael K. Harvey

Founder InSite GPS Technologies, 3rd Startup, Wasabi Ventures Alumni.

ID 338703

Michele Gonçalves

Brazilian, easygoing, world traveler, tech entrepreneur, food enthusiast, a Fashion Designer by profession, Marketer by vocation, Blogger by choice, obsessed with make-up, travel and technology. Co-founder at Obsequio • Worked at @restorando-com, @shopear

ID 185527

Bradley Kirkland


Founder @stone-soup-technology-llc, @bradleykirkland-com • Worked at @downtown-magazine-nyc

ID 4946

Mark Ostrowski


Chairman of the Board @clubvision | Founder and Principal @ Excella Capital Partners LLP | Seeker

ID 21129

Brad Nickel


Founder - netFundz, marketing expert, product leadership, and strategy. Built world's 1st Small Biz SAAS, first tabbed browser, dozens of apps. #MiamiStartups

ID 36111

Rahul Panchal

Founder @, former advertising creative from Crispin Porter, Weiden Kennedy and Young & Rubicam

ID 68078

Sean Emory

Managing Partner at @blink-social Inc. Investment Analyst at GFG Capital. Worked at KCM Asset Management.

ID 26767

Juan Chaparro

Co-Founder of Serviceful & Gmaids. Clients include execs at Accenture, EY, Samsung, Prudential and Dallas Mavericks. Strong sales & product skills

ID 190019

Richard Awdeh

Founder @checkedup, @cirle • Worked at @goldman-sachs, @memorial-sloan-kettering-cancer-center • Studied at @yale-university, @emory-university, @duke-university
Read my blog at

ID 55514

Dwayne Morrison

Investor. Expert Go-Getter. Gamer. An all-around good guy.

ID 183869

Jim Knutt

Founder @cometads-com @tropic-survival-advertising-and-marketing • Worked at @hubbard-media, CBS, Post Newsweek, Sunbeam Television.

ID 298826

Javier Muñoz

Founder and CEO of Just Action, Startup Coach, Happiness Designer and Coach for Delivering Happiness@Work

ID 411354

Taylor Auerbach

Founder @snapscore-me-1 • Studied at @uf (Economics and Mathematics)

ID 45542

Robin Greenbaum

Founder of My background is in selling residential real estate.

ID 67722

Bernard Dino Bonomo

"Hungry and Foolish Media Entrepreneur"

ID 5168

Chris Brisson

Co-Founder of Call Loop & Automize.

ID 98741

Matthew F. Reyes

CEO of Exploration Solutions. Currently serving NASA Ames Research Center as an Emerging Space Technology Strategist in cooperation with Lockheed Martin

ID 89684

Christian Lisogorsky

CEO & Co-founder @shplit. Worked at Visa, Frito Lay and Brahma. Strong marketing background. Founded the largest social media community in Latam.

ID 28205

Daniel G. Burstyn

Chief Operating Officer at neuromore

ID 45368

Jed Stillman

EVP Background in consulting and gen mgt (@best-buy VP, President @Seasonal Concepts, Partner @Integrated Healthcare Strategies). Wharton MBA.

ID 320595

Ivan Bravo

Founder of FunFan. Worked as VP for sales at CGB World, CEO at Live3d, branch director @ Wisdek. creating business and sucsessfull ideas since 16 years old.

ID 141276

Alix Narcisse


Founder Zypt • Worked at @ogt-i-the-mobile-device-company

ID 512126

Patrick Curley

Co-founder of posto7, Inc. Strong fundraising and business development background. 10-year finance career at Superfund, UBP, Citigroup. NYU, 2003.

ID 354892

Ivan Gonzalez

Co-Founder @pointprior Dev Manager/ SDE/ TPM @amazon / @tellme-networks / @microsoft Computer Science & Human-Computer Interaction @carnegie-mellon-university-2

ID 151630

Otto Othman


Co Founder & Minister of Hustle @nightpro

ID 665308

Jonny Kot

Start-up guru with four exits under my belt, looking for my next opportunity to work with a remarkable team on a remarkable problem that needs to be solved

ID 210852

Adam Scott Riff


Senior executive and entrepreneur with 13 years of experience in marketing / comms, digital media, strategy, product management and operations.

ID 3956

Chris Brisson

CEO & Co-Founder @call-loop. 1st internet startup at 19, acquired 3 years later. Helped turn $0 into $1.2M in 18 months. Marketing is my mojo.

ID 72957

Eduardo J Garcia

Managing Partner & Founder at @medivantix

ID 107935

Pablo Silva

Co-founder of BandBlip, 12 years of international experience in digital (US, EU & LATAM.) Former SVP, Online at News Corp and Director, New Media at Time-Warner

ID 184273

Juan Manuel Giraldez

Mentor @cinemad-tv • Worked at @myspace, @discovery-channel,@warner-bros • CEO & Founder @sonemos-com-ar

ID 143731

Joey Ricard


Degree in IT. 1st startup at 22, grew to $1.6M in sales in 18 mos. I believe in the triumph of humanity...with a little help from technology.

ID 677853

Eduardo Jose Escobar


Founder of @klike-1 Studying Economics and Business @belmont-abbey-college

ID 512170

Qn. Everlena Brown

Media Mogul behind #QEBLLC @QEBVLogTV #PublishingQEB #QEBStudios & #QEBFoundation. NEWS TIPS #4045329232

ID 382209

Davide Nastasi

Founder @kobrin - 3D printing and design; Worked at @cocontest; Studied at @nova-southeastern-university University; Entrepreneur; Maker; Traveller.

ID 117623

Johan Lilja

CEO & Co-Founder of Universal Avenue. Online media executive since 2004

ID 385664

Jesse Llobet

President of PsyMetrics, Inc. and HR Testing, Inc. Innovative developer of assessment products that predict human behavior.

ID 111230

Peggy Dold

Founder, Navigation Partners LLC; Global Marketing Strategist & Entertainment Consultant

ID 38323

Paulina Holmgren

CEO/Founder of German Real Estate Development Company, Bc Business Administration, Germany, @university-of-san-francisco Master Certificate, CAP, Adobe Specialist

ID 413613

Robert Albertella


Serial entrepreneur interested in development of environmental ventures. Founded multiple businesses (IT, Mechanical Engineering, Hospitality)

ID 214645

John Romney

Founder @folio-ventures,• Studied at @florida-international-university, @miami-dade-college

ID 200916

Amanda Anthony

Founder @flyinstyle @flyinstyleapp • Sales & Marketing Leader • Coach • Worked at @procter-gamble-2 • Latin & North America • Travel Retail & CPG Expertise

ID 126798

Leon Amram


Industrialist, Entrepreneur, Investor

ID 216742

Alan Smithson

Technology Entrepreneur & Founder @xxxxx-1 • Studied at @university-of-guelph

ID 27182

Christopher Kilayko

Co-Founder @takeoff, Chief of Production @mediascend, Former NBC Miami Broadcast Production Associate, MBA Mass Media Mgt

ID 312487

Sebastián Caronni

Investor at seed stage. Technology startups fan. Expertise in finance, business development & fund raising.

ID 298248

Riccardo Pisano

Founder @prosimity-smarter-business-networking @geowinks @okidoqui Worked @university-of-miami MS @devry-university CS @third-university-of-rome

ID 79556

Fadi Bahri

CEO & Co-founder of @dealhomer.

ID 177016

Carlos Taborda

Founder of Webbynode and Gistia.

ID 455590

Herman Bynke


Worked @wrapp @xceed @madison * Founder @hela @Festivus  

ID 41113

Mark Francis

Strategic business development

ID 226599



Entrepreneur. Worked at @hp, @macquarie-bank • Investor @linkedin, @twitter, @uxpin • Studied at @harvard-business-school , @university-of-nsw

ID 67652

Michaël Benhaïm

Co-Founder of, a trusted social marketplace for globally aware consumers, and online friends.

ID 325956

Andrés Padilla-Andrade

CEO/Co-Founder @bluwired-1. Worked at Time Warner, Dexia, BBVA. B.A. Economics, UCLA. M.S. Information Technology, NYU.

ID 174779

Mariela Valdes

Founder @iotechie, @iotechie Gaming • Studied at @stanford-university, @nova-southeastern-university

ID 84176

Michel Triana


Entrepreneur, Scientist, Troublemaker. Investor and Advisor.

ID 96305

Glen Surnamer

CFO and Director at @bookigee

ID 41174

Randy Shepherd

Founder/CEO/President/Executive Producer at @werd-interactive-1 Inc. Development: Internet/Web 20 years Videogame 15 years Mobile Game 13 years

ID 245129

Jeff Gargiulo


Founder and Partner at Rugosa Partners. Founder at G&B Capital in 2012. Finance background - MBA, Javelin Capital Markets, UBS, Financial, Merrill Lynch.

ID 119659

Skeets London

Agent and CEO

ID 121981

Eduardo Gonzalez Loumiet, MBA, PMP

Entrepreneur, Advisor and Project Manager. Work at Uber Opearations. Co-founded BCMPros. Founded @gonzalez-loumiet-group and FuseTank.

ID 210997

Andre Garrigo

A bit of a nerd when it comes to music and technology. I tweet about current events. Some opinions are mine, others are not. Email me: [email protected]

ID 119513

Ari Soffer

Owner of Soffer Health institute. Was founder and CEO of one of the largest multi-specialty practices in South Florida.

ID 64198

Jesus Lara

Founder/CEO Amusse, edutainment language learning product. Music, Media and Digital Marketing experience

ID 98973

Yohann Taieb

Software Engineer at Ultimate Software & iOS Appreneur/College Instructor at MDC. Holds B.S degree in CS and Maths from F.I.U

ID 339866

Alex R. Salsamendi

Co-Founder and CEO HealthCentrix, @aca • Studied at @university-of-miami

ID 486393

Chris Moreno

1) CEO & Co-Founder of GoKapital 2) Analyst at BlackRock 3) Analyst at Finacity 4) Analyst at Biz2Credit

ID 136967

Girish Alwani

Alumni @university-of-miami. Co-Founder

ID 22648

JD Polk


Hav worked for over 20 yrs to keep hope alive in the Renwable Energy Arena I and Lawton Chiles co-authored first co-generation legis 1992 Pioneered 3way hybrid

ID 154308

Michael Callas

an American Entrepreneur in Spain, CEO of StepOne Ventures, Senior Advisor BBVA, Executive Director of Jóvenes con Futuro, Classical Music Fan & Tech Junkie

ID 153791

Andrew Quarrie

Founder @jurnid Freelance storytellers/writers on demand.

ID 87948

Carnell Lee

ID 215963

Jonathan Doro

Firm Believer in Play Hard.. Work Hard.. UCF Business Mgmt Undergrad. Current Co-Founder of #fitmap

ID 56537

Richard B. Alman

Highly creative solutions to difficult problems and challenges. Fortune 100. Executive Management, H.R., Legal, Acquisitions, RealEstate, Finance, Accounting

ID 141457

Joe Spano


Founder of @spano-trading-llc. I am a low latency algorithmic equities trader leaping into angel investing.

ID 124325

Yann Brandt


Global Head of Marketing and PR @conergy Founder SolarWakeup. @johns-hopkins-university Engineer.

ID 45782

Paul Paliath


ID 127946

Steven Cadavid

Chief Scientist at @eyeris. Founded @nuicapture and @kinected. Ph.D., Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition.

ID 185125

Adrian Gil

Co-Founder of The SilkSenses Company. After an accident I left my 9-5 tech/creative job and became an entrepreneur.

ID 85990

Stacey Stockman

Founder | Global Philanthropic Social News Community; (@mybigearth, Founder | Exec Agency (Synergistic Solutions,

ID 136918

Jonathan Gosper

Disrupting the social commerce world • Co-Founder @the-popcrowd • Studied at @university-of-miami

ID 48189

Michael Castilla

Front-end Developer & UX Designer

ID 106485

Travis Montaque

Founder and CEO of Splyst, Student at the University of Miami. Experiences in private equity, investment banking and management.

ID 56135

Miguel Molina Cosculluela

CEO at WCC, CRM, Loyalty & Digital Marketing for HP, Sony, IHG. Award winner public Speaker. Ironman 70.3 finisher. Multilingual.

ID 143032

Jeffrey Friedman

Licensed Psychotherapist helping people reach their goals.

ID 314775

Serghei Lefter

CoFounder FunFan. Owner of Softauto-Trans LLC. Master degree in Marketing and Business Communication (UAIC, Romania).

ID 404464

Joanna Schwartz


CEO EarlyShares

ID 446569

Simon Tian

Founder & CEO at Neptune

ID 43870

Mark G

Founder of 944 Magazine, UNIQ Lifestyles Magazine, Background before creating magazines: #1 Web Development Firm Business Journal Book of Lists.

ID 62888

Mattia Settimelli

Born artist and avid learner, turned entrepreneur, 15 yrs in media+ent. Now focused exclusively on transmedia strategies for my projects/startups

ID 131789

Danny Montero

CEO & Founder @social-picnik. 1st software startup out of high school. My resume is

ID 99647

Stelios Xeroudakis

Founder, Cloud Carib & CTO, NISI Yachts

ID 409614

Thierry Godard

Founder @daep-media Journalist (Road & Track & Craftbeer) 5 years with digital media startups. Former Editor @smartasset. Studied at @carnegie-mellon-university

ID 323200

Nick Branstator

Founder @10x10 Room. Full stack generalist. 17 year Web vet.

ID 469950

Barron Roth

CompEng @boston-university • Founder @downtyme • Product Engineer @amd • Designer • Photographer

ID 267491

Mitul Jay Patel

Founder matchfixr • Studied at @Heriot-Watt•Futures Trader•Director of Kennedy Brothers•

ID 77305

Tino Dietrich


CEO & Founder Lakefield Media. 20+ yrs in interntl. bus., PE,VC,media & executive/management leadership. BSc UC of Syracuse .

ID 175373

Oscar Salguero

Co-Founder and Lead Mobile Developer @geopon Co-Founder and CTO @Mentores para El Salvador Worked at @equifax-inc, @inter-american-development-bank

ID 223257

Ilcho Bojchevski

CEO of @Cosmic Development

ID 151061

David Broderick

Founder @the-rolling-ball, @mango-music-management • Worked at @aequicap-financial-group, @synerjets • Studied at @university-of-miami

ID 239430

Alexander Jelinek

Product Management. Strategy. Engineering Leadership. Design, development, and growth of innovative software products that deliver significant real-world value

ID 67891

Carlos Lima

Founder and CEO of . Entrepreneur, Product Designer, Software Developer. I get things done.

ID 332160

Joern Steinbeck

Founder of Triptelligent, worked @pricewaterhousecoopers-1, @porsche, MBA Berlin and Berkeley

ID 116367

Jose Miguel Infante

Founder @squid-2 FIU International Business & Marketing major.

ID 90094

Cedric Watkins

Seasoned entrepreneur, strategist, biz dev and marketing executive. Expertise in marketing, new media, mobile devices, digital content management.

ID 213967


Founder HE SWIM • Worked at @beckman-coulter, @telluride-ski-and-golf-resort • Studied at @boston-college, @university-of-massachusetts-amherst

ID 268741

Rob Davis

via S.FL. I'm either surfing or making. now @teamradsocial @maker_lab

ID 379410

A Bernhard

CEO of Christophe & Co, studied engineering @carnegie-mellon-university, Luxury Marketing and Sales Expert, Fluent in 3 languages, Six Sigma Black Belt, AJP.

ID 269775

Sean F Arcacha

Experienced IT Consultant and Technical Founder @plexisoft, @intelligent-pm

ID 680585

Martina Mauro

Media relations for Amazon Italy and Italia Startup. Former PR manager of Key Capital. Master in Business Management. Founder of, ISAR member.

ID 17622

Barry Mezey

Team member of @superstar-management-group.

ID 227918

Kevin Medina

Chief Technology Officer, Entrepreneur, hands on technologist, Investor

ID 161887

Yeries Musiet Weitzel

Co-Founder & CEO @TheOsomeFactory, a mobile apps company. Co-Founded @sonusland. Worked at @apple Chile, Oracle. Master in Strategic Communications.

ID 394486

Cesar Laurentin

Runner and a good coffee lover, has a degree in Computer Sciences and has served as SW Dev Mgr at Telefónica. Its a team builder and Cert. Scrum Master.

ID 83034

Joshua Emory

Joshua Emory is an entrepreneur and experienced investment banker with a wide array of experience across multiple sectors.

ID 91111

Diego Velasquez

optimizing the web, business and life

ID 716279

Guy Kennett

CEO and Board Advisor, Director, Business Development, Aviation, Telecoms and Technology

ID 131918

Rashid Mayes

Developer of Brilliance and Stumblr (50mm images accessed per month) Co-founder of the @astrient-foundation Developer of

ID 271221

Vanessa Gonzalez

Founder WishGyft • Studied at @university-of-miami, @nova-southeastern-university

ID 474735

Arlin Bleclic

Founder CLEARGOL Technologies Inc. • looking for investors to fund entry into Brazilian tower construction and purchase market.

ID 450623

Derek Miller

iOS Developer at Yellow Pepper • Computer Science at @georgia-institute-of-technology

ID 34761

Mike Greenberg

Organizes @south-florida-hack-and-tell; Founded a web host out of high school; Passionate Technophile; Full-stack Developer

ID 500329

John Reyhani


Founder Fuelmatics Corp • VP Petroleum Marketing, General Constructor, BS Aeronautical Science Embry-Riddle, and BS Construction UNF. Contact (305)807-4923

ID 113266


Co-Founder of @vaultbox-me. Principal at Bright Consulting. Extensive experience in all aspects of IT.

ID 45178

Aleks Buterman

CEO of SenseAgility, Ex-Chief Architect of F.500's, Quantum Thinker, Sci-Fi, Solar, Chess & Fantasy Sports Buff, Ice Rink Dad (so ex-Skydiver & Musician)

ID 73969

Jared Reynolds

Founder and President of the Zenagen Hair Care Products. Cosmeceutical & Nutraceutical Expert. Biochemical & Medical Trained Specializing in Hair Care Industry

ID 99440


Urban Crossover

ID 462241

Joey Gutierrez

Founder + President @yotta-sky-group-inc, Founder + Managing Partner @solar-mobile-llc, Advisor @preapprovalletter-com

ID 97897

Andrés Cala

Founder en Go2Do

ID 201366

Edgar Caballero


Strong process engineering expertise, construction management and cost-benefit auditing. Heavy industry, oil & gas and Telco project development.

ID 142705

Carlos Inguanzo

COO @akdemia, Co-Founder @educredit, Specialized in UX, Web Design, Customer Service & Business Processes. Im an Entrepreneur & Runner.

ID 156185

Raul Calderon

Founder and CEO of FiveClip • Worked at @morgan Stanley Smith Barney as a Financial Advisor • Studied Business Management and Marketing at @bentley-university College.

ID 195078

Brian Shechtman

Owner and Operator of Santa's Enchanted Forest, a Christmas-themed park with more than 100 rides, shows, games and attractions, located in Miami, Florida.

ID 167390

Alex Uribe

Founder of @ZepplaInc and @FiveThreeInc. Student at Stuart School of Business @illinoistech

ID 12490

Nelson Melo

Worked at @microsoft, @blink • Studied at @university-of-havana-cuba

ID 104320

Juan Gomez

Founder of Sokk3r and soccer fanatic. Motivated entrepreneur, business savvy, finance major and MBA holder. Working diligently to revolutionize amateur soccer.

ID 377791

Lauren Cowden

CEO at Aplomb

ID 503359

Levi Rosenblum


Technology evangelist in the FinTech sector, founder of 1st Merchant Funding. Delivered $150+ Million in working capital to 10,000+ Small Businesses since 2007

ID 216268

ashoka ganesan

Co-Founder CI Dynamics. Co-Founder & Managing Director of Private Equity Funded Start-Up. Strong Business Management & Marketing Background.

ID 175934

John Suarez

Founder and CEO iCare Intelligence • Passionate about solving problems through the use of analytics.• Over a decade of IT and BI experience in healthcare.

ID 458653

Andy Leimdorfer

Founder Cents+ • Studied at @university-of-florida

ID 58006

Brett Perkins

CEO Of @powder-puff-extreme; NFL Free Agent; 2x Minor League Football 1st Team All-American & Tight End of the Year; Team USA Football Captain.

ID 448733

Deatrick Green Jr

Founder Delta Diamonds Entertainment • Worked at @the-walt-disney-company, @tabu-nightclub • Studied at @florida-international-university, @full-sail-university-1

ID 197479

Anders Vaerge

Co-founder @economico

ID 294899

Sebastian Barwinski

Founder of soundsLARGE. The very first electronic music discovery platform. Users on soundsLARGE can discover music as well as read & learn about it.

ID 430472

Gregorio Cavazos

Human, advertiser. Founder of Kaploom and Dibs, Master student of Global Strategic Communications in the Florida International University and Miami Ad School.

ID 351391

Gabrielle Micheletti

Founder, CEO of @intaste Gastronome, winelover, entrepreneur. Young and female. And proud. Italian heart, American head, global soul.

ID 274055

Manuel Garcia

Partner at Studop Inc. Passionate about connecting things.

ID 141545

Cory Stout

Founder @tikkrwatch-com, @woodies-sunglasses-com • Studied at @university-of-florida

ID 493357

Jacky Aizenman


ID 185687

Carlos Krefft

Founder Geoflik • Worked at @fox-sports, @porter-novelli • Studied at @florida-international-university

ID 270135

Ellis Stone

Founder @iig-educacion • Studied at @drexel-university

ID 227686

Anis Panjwani

My Expertise is in iOS Deployment, Mobility, Security, Wireless, Client Solutions, Mac OS X Server, AD, Collaboration solutions, Project Management.

ID 296756

Peter Martinez

CEO of SunCycles. Follower Collaborative Consumption, with past start-up in Automotive Co-working space. Currently building bike share to take over Sunbelt.

ID 257352

Leonardo Rodriguez

eMarketing Specialist, Passionate Father of 2 boys and a cat, Internet evangelist.#exgordo #SocialMediaMkt #Crowdsourcing

ID 57099

Danco Sotirovski

Founder @workfly • Worked at @best-buy • Studied at @western-michigan-university, @walsh-college

ID 485597

Gillian Breakspeare

CEO Livost Technologies d/b/a LIVO, turnkey buffering-free, revenue generating interactive video business platform viewable anywhere anytime through any device

ID 70402

Mauricio Bendeck

Go-getter Sales and Market Development that fixes Account Relationships gone bad to Hunting for Greenfield Relationships in Mobile, M2M, MobAd, Roaming.

ID 390314

Zack Martin

Founder Undisclosed • Studied at @university-of-miami

ID 490227

Girish Alwani

Founder ThePopcrowd • Studied at @university-of-miami

ID 191157

Daniela Cadena

Founder @squid-2 • Studies @florida-international-university Marketing & Economics Loves sports, food, reading, photography.

ID 206213

Marlon Williams

Founder Fenero FC2, @firstaid-software (Sold) • Worked at @inktel-contact-center-solutions • Studied at @kaplan-university, @miami-dade-college

ID 304207

David McDonald

Now: Founder @projectlift Founder @Lift1428 Lovely Wife + Lovely Life Then: Founder @True North (exit '07) Researcher @Project Chantek Crazy Life + Met My Wife

ID 485879

Ronnia Cherry

W* Founder & Director. Idea whisper & creative goddess (in training). Known for waking people up in the middle of their dreams, to go out & make them come true.

ID 288179

Alex Seage

Founder of The Auto Vault Miami. Strong business background and automotive enthusiast. BS in Industrial Engineering.

ID 652451

Gregory Johnson

Cofounder @emojig & Strategic Partner @lift1428 | Former Intern at The Lab Miami, Project Lift Miami, and The Levine Group

ID 373992

Andrés Tovar


ID 394309

David Capelli

Social Entrepreneur at the University of Miami currently launching the most innovative furniture product and Mobile App in the United States

ID 196573

Allen Gomberg

ID 469991

Pablo Palatnik

Founder @shadesdaddy • Studied at @florida-international-university

ID 195400

Brian Cone

Founder Stream Tix • Studied at @university-of-central-florida Evolving the concert experience.

ID 112245

Natasha Rozenberg

Entrepreneur, poetic writer & editor

ID 166136

Jason Wade | Modena, Inc. • Studied at @Rollins College. Loves marketing, building brands and launching products.

ID 217974

Dmitriy Gudovskiy


ID 202872

Nicole Lavinia Oprea

ID 140838

Joseph Evans

Founder Portbox • Studied at @oakwood-university, @miami-international-university-of-art-design

ID 73887

Mark Slaughter

Founder and CEO of @cohealo

ID 565231

Christopher Parent

Founder @3ddigitaldoubles-com, • Studied at @university-of-maine, Gnomon School of VFX

ID 69750

Denisha Freeney

Founded Luxure

ID 96134

Jonatan Alava

Director of Engineering @earlyshares • Techie with business insight able to speak geek and business

ID 416758

Matthew Waxelbaum

Founder daily global groove • Worked at @rodman-renshaw • Studied at @university-of-central-florida

ID 100929

Andrew Hansinger

Veteran Advertising Copywriter & Creative Director helping startups tell their stories.

ID 481048

Andrei Savchenko

Software Technologist and Entrepreneur. Founder/Chief Architect @buyjacker; Founder @AlignedGlobal;

ID 473817

Allan T. Herman

COO and Founder of Sellit • Worked at @vemma, @paul-a-herman-law-group • Studied at @florida-state-university

ID 97341

steven greitzer

ID 380262

Lisandro Franky IV

Part owner of internet consulting firm Cybercis, A businessman at heart and a software engineer by profession. Experienced Webmaster and SEO Expert.

ID 226324

Christopher Rivera

Founder ReeMatch • Studied at @miami-dade-college

ID 114869

Roberto Manguel / Cloud Apps for SMBs. mJoyNetworks-CoFounder / SMS gateway in Latam sold to JetMultimedia. Winit-President/ Corp. software dev. house.

ID 384183

Brenton Cozby

Full-Stack Web Developer in the making...

ID 393246

Audrey Ledoux

Founder @spinvite-inc . • Worked at @netflix - Strong background in technology and business.

ID 199993

Juan Torralva

Co-Fouder Artmiami.TV

ID 168453

Angelo Pizzuto

Angelo Pizzuto is the President of @pacific-group-incorporated, a consulting firm that advises real-estate investors.

ID 496965

Jason S. Silverman


Co-Founder/COO of Model Launcher. business development with an entertainment background; Studied at @long-island-university-c-w-post-campus

ID 16655

Ruy Chaves (Bratcher)


Founder of @plastrom-sensormatic (Brasil)

ID 877602

Kiril Sapunenko

Making worthy ideas into reality is my passion.

ID 415230

Manuel Quintanilla

Connect, Create & Grow!

ID 16350

AJ Archibald

ID 106567

Inti Rodriguez

CEO, Founder of @1200dreams-1. Graduate of School of Hard Knocks. Co-founded successful website during 1st dot com boom. Entrepreneur, writer, DJ, Dad.

ID 158964

Aymara Del Aguila

Co-Founder/CEO @sportsmanias. Advertising exec/creative director with 25 years+ experience to a portfolio of corporate clients; have owned agency 15 years+

ID 47002

Tyler McIntyre


A young tech entrepreneur with vision and ability.

ID 78447

Danubio Valdes

Founder @uroom360 • Studied at @miami-dade-college

ID 49503

Prince Haiti

Founder/C.E.O./Triple Grammy Nominated Artist at Royal RefuG Records. I see my God-given gift of music as my vessel to activism. -Investment Seeking

ID 659595

Kidd Wes

Founder of Youngworldlife LLC. Past worked for Icons Entertainment Inc. and Sony offices Inc.

ID 21639

Tedd Bernard


ID 492783

Fernando Boza

Worked at @sbs-broadcasting • Studied at @miami-international-university-of-art-design

ID 288847

Kaven Jean-Charles

Founder, Managing Partner at NM Creative Agency.

ID 363350

Luis Alix

Founder & COO of GAMERSMARKiT Track record of foresightedness and success in high level sales, management, and marketing.

ID 141184

Benjamin Blank

Founder and CEO of Appetite+, Studied at @universidad-metropolitana

ID 173500

Justin Urena

Founder Sponsored By Hard Work Entertainment

ID 421765

Mitali Saxena

Founder @fashom • Studied at @florida-institute-of-technology

ID 462419

Jorge Touzet

Founder & CEO @preapprovalletter-com-1

ID 90486

Jake A. Smith

I'm a PHP Developer and SysAdmin who's fluent in CSS and Javascript. I create things.

ID 457798

Pablo Bleyer

Electron tamer - Bit tinkerer

ID 520880

Mark Finch

Founder @safetbox-inc

ID 379186

O.L. Degwitz

Founder WIBOX®

ID 672190

Juan Gabriel Morales

Co-founder/ CEO @napzzz-1 • 

ID 36446

Orlando Espinosa

Vice-President at @emineo-media

ID 46855

Brian May

Entrepreneur. Co-Founder of Floridian Partners, political and lobbying wizard - strong on biz strategy, developing mine2share

ID 39167

Jaime Schuster

CEO at @mobitics

ID 424561

Matt Stock

fine art photographer, photo educator, co-founder at, and obsessed with #edtech.

ID 404208

Sergio Catalina Bellmónt

ID 100121

Neil Kusens


Chief Revenue Officer at Modloft

ID 393571

Martín Parlato

CEO and Co-Founder @posibl

ID 104406

Andrea Kecsmarszki

Co-founder of @3dnpvei, LLC. Our company is offering a cloud-based, 3D marketplace to help businesses expand their online presence with virtual worlds and games.

ID 186370

Devin Robbins


ID 34726

Chris Hubert

Originally a web designer, then a self-taught programmer, now an entrepreneur launching

ID 746443

CCDEx Technologies

Founder of CCDEx Technologies LLC, BSc. Degree in System Engineering. Strong software development background.

ID 415351

Armando Angel Carcas Jr.

CEO of Grewpler. 

ID 166177

Alfonso Guerra

Seer. Founder/CEO of productivity software publisher Apokalypse Software Corp. (@apokalypse on Twitter.)

ID 313107

Fatih Yuksel

Fatih Yuksel is President at HBP IP, Inc. in Tampa, Florida USA.

ID 198447

Tracey Lovejoy

An accomplished real estate agent, Tracey Lovejoy is currently a sales associate with Coldwell Banker in St. Petersburg, Florida.

ID 202304

Gerardo Alton-Ortega

Founder @vital-digital-global-corp and creator of Digi-cards download cards and digi-codes download codes

ID 124208


Some called it “Free Do-It-Yourself Groupon”, other called it “Craigslist for Daily Deals”, we called it “”

ID 197011

Wil Reguera

ID 173778

Clint Willett

Founder @watchachef-com, @http-watchachef-com

ID 195223


Founder euMetrica

ID 231199

Ron Vargas

Founder/CEO of zimplyU

ID 204420

Jan Kube

Founder @fibooo-1 • loves accounting and coding • Worked at, TC Trustcenter, IMP (Tomorrow Focus), Lyreco

ID 124289


@goodool-1 Co-Founder

ID 292992

Tommy Clarke

Founder ATACTV Web Television

ID 182977

Nauro Rezende Jr

Advertising professional, web and graphic designer, LAMP programmer. I love to travel, to learn new languages, to meet cool people and new cultures.

ID 276932

Joseph May

ID 330827

[email protected]

Software Engineer at GetMyRx; Full Stack Web Developer with an eye for design. Experience with early stage startups.

ID 152090

Osni Arruda

O empresário do ramo de turismo e tecnologias sem fio Osni Arruda fundou a inovadora empresa Flytec Computers S.A. em 1996.

ID 253690

Helmut Franco

Founder @surrealimagine-studios, @emotion-tv • Worked at @icrtv, @non-stop-digital, @univision-online, Creator, Serial Entrepreneur, Art & Technology bonded.

ID 182979

Maju Rezende

Brazilian from Florianopolis living in Miami, FL. Marketing, advertising, photography, music and internet.

ID 376546

Jonathan Denney

ID 252194

Juan Carlos Valle

Founder/CEO of Knotop, Your Smartest Network

ID 35919

Susan Perry

ID 31735

Matthew Solari

Come find me and read up at

ID 112789

Tight Line Marketing LLC

ID 33072

Nidia Helena

President of HeelTree Inc. - Currently holds this position

ID 71074

Scott Wagner

ID 102690

Love Porschea

Film and TV Performer and Producer. Mentor, Personal Assistant, Teacher. Strong Communication and People Skills.

ID 26906

Vineet Gupta

Co-founder. Accomplished scientist and leader. Educated at IIT Delhi, Univ. of Rochester, Rockefeller Univ. & Harvard Medical School.

ID 59169

Rian Fike

Executive Director at @ocho-the-game.

ID 110984

Arturo Valerio

Internet entrepreneur emerging markets; founder at Numericit and Tabuga (spin-off).

ID 130415

William Hajjar

CEO of @senzari. Extensive international experience in sales and business development, startup companies, and mobile telecommunications industry.

ID 49604

Jeff Traylor

Founder/CEO of C9 Operations. Strong Network & Systems background.

ID 90850

Pura Strong


Founded @strong-weber. Investor @strong-abogados, @spaincorp, @spainoffice, @lodaki.

ID 75039

Ross Johnson


Entrepreneur & Marketing Visionary

ID 83132

Seth Prezant

CEO/Founder of Wacky Wild® Science, launched "Da Hunger" game-like weight loss app, & about to piss off an entire industry...follow back and stay in the loop.

ID 32630

Leah Guerrier

Team member of @elle-guerrier-company.

ID 113507

David Knell

Co-founder and lead developer for MoBubble and Expeerience. Always looking for a good challenge.

ID 27624

Danielle Sims

Co Founder of @biogrphr & @intrns. Internet Marketing Expert

ID 35695

Sebastian Merizalde

Co Founder of @yaibi. Raised over $300K from private investors. Guest speaker, triathlete, leader. Selected to participate in Incubate Miami, TAP, spring 2011.

ID 77625

Anthony Witt

Founder/C.E.O of @wittworld-sports-llc, Strong business and Marketing background, Former CEO of We Are The Program, sales and marketing for Snapple & Canada Dry

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