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Meet some of the best and newest startups based in Miami.

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ID 719797

Henry Herazo

Henry Herazo - Successful and transformational Start-up and Fortune 500 sales and strategic growth leader. Business travel to more than 80 countries.

ID 687763

Guillermo Ramirez

VICEPRESIDENT TECHNOLOGY SERVICES at RIMAC June 2014 – Present PhD, Government of Organizations University of Piura - PAD School of Top Management

ID 585679


PhD in Thinking. Strong business background, a born rainmaker; Inventor, innovator, Champion, taking a non-winning team to victory. Able to sell products nationally and internationally. Currently working on 4 startups (ideas that do not exist at the momen

ID 689327

Grant Ethan Caldwell


Global Business Developer. International Marketing Strategist.

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