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ID 574796

Laura Moreno

Founder Ladada • Worked at @sungard, @xtiva • Studied at @california-state-university-sacramento

ID 146006

Jason Burmer


In-house attorney at investment crowdfunding platform @earlyshares

ID 81840

Ricardo Lopez

Founded Vertitrade (Exporter of FMCG Brands to Africa), Starting Drive Taxi (online recruitment platform)

ID 829741

Carmelo Colon III

International Sales & Marketing Professional with a proven track record of success as well as extensive operations, planning and project management experience.

ID 343560

Nick Avedesian

CEO of The Vantage Group | Founder of Avedesian Enterprises

ID 585679


PhD in Thinking. Strong business background, a born rainmaker; Inventor, innovator, Champion, taking a non-winning team to victory. Able to sell products nationally and internationally. Currently working on 4 startups (ideas that do not exist at the momen

ID 552165

Hans Stier

Founder of Bonaverde. 1st roast-grind-brew coffee machine & online coffee farmers' marketplace.

ID 455590

Herman Bynke


Worked @wrapp @xceed @madison * Founder @hela @Festivus  

ID 463529

Courtland Thomas

Founder 292 Magazine • Full-stack marketer • Digital marketing pro • Wearable tech entrepreneur.

ID 526964

Josef Reed

ID 100151

David Yakobovitch

Data Scientist at ADP, Special Projects. Strong business background (Deutsche Bank, Citi, Aflac). B.S. Finance/Stats. Hackathon veteran. PM/Biz Dev.

ID 845126

Jon Smyth

Founded and held senior positions at Internet companies in Europe / US since 99. Tiscali, Buongiorno, Atrinsic #Investor #entrepreneur #severalexits

ID 414463

Philipp Muehlbauer


Co-Founder of Picanova Group, first startup founded out of highschool, Entrepreneur, Onlinemarketing Generalist, Angel Investor and Master in General Management

ID 218667

Marius Ion


Founded IMS SOFT & SERVICES (Bucharest , Ro) sold it to Hostway Corporation (Chicago,USA) Co-Founded GabMoney (San Francisco,CA)

ID 394068

Miles Varghese

Naturally cool dude despite taking pics of self in mirror. Relationship-oriented, Startup-minded, VP of Biz Dev @liveninja

ID 451931

Steve Schellbach

BS '13 Management Science from University of Miami. Founding Partner @ Monima Group, LLC.

ID 755144

Ara Galarza

CEO | Co-Founder @eat-in-chef

ID 652451

Gregory Johnson

Cofounder @emojig & Strategic Partner @lift1428 | Former Intern at The Lab Miami, Project Lift Miami, and The Levine Group

ID 357384

Alexandre Mayol

Founder @offees @watchkeeper

ID 446945

Valerie Andrade

University of Miami alum; diverse in Sales & Marketing; start-up enthusiast

ID 725072

Colin Mendez

10+ years sales/customer service experience, currently working at a succesful SaaS company, 6+ years in business development, social media & client management

ID 642399

Remco de Waard

Master of International Business candidate seeking a sales position in Miami, Florida. Business student with ambitions to build a career in the global market.

ID 373992

Andrés Tovar


ID 644793

Ryan Gramm

Business Development Executive | Business Growth Expert

ID 415351

Armando Angel Carcas Jr.

CEO of Grewpler. 

ID 753403

Alejandro Gomez

Creator of Xspiri event-searching platform, UI/UX designer, Miami Business Plan Competition Finalist, insatiable appetite to learn.

ID 689327

Grant Ethan Caldwell


Global Business Developer. International Marketing Strategist.

ID 671158

Brandon Leeds

Founder Arrivyl • Worked at @tigerdirect, @systemax • Studied at @LehighUniversity

ID 565231

Christopher Parent

Founder @3ddigitaldoubles-com, • Studied at @university-of-maine, Gnomon School of VFX

ID 726349

Kellie Klein

Business Relations/Marketing Manager @colabination Out-of-the-box thinker & doer. Motivated by curiosity & passion. University of Miami Alumna

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