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ID 34592

Alex de Carvalho

Co-Founder at BuzzMed, Adjunct Professor at U. Miami, Author, Co-Founder of @the-startup-forum and Founder of Social Media Club South Florida, among other things

ID 47430

Sarah Haselkorn

Founder/CEO at @green-bean; Ad tech background (Media Armor, Off Campus Media/Bonfyre); BS Systems Engineering from @washington-university-in-saint-louis, 2013.

ID 492899

John-Michael Del Valle

Full Stack Digital Marketer and Aspiring Growth Hacker

ID 105618

Gabriel Rotman

Developed 2 Internet startups since age of 12; both were acquired before the age of 22. Consulted for start-ups, small public and Fortune 1000 companies.

ID 70877

Javier E. Gonzalez


Founder, Investor, Advisor. @INSEAD MBA. (Ad)venture seeker.

ID 4371

Jesse Thomas

Jesse Thomas is the Founder of @jess3 – a creative interactive agency specializing in Social Media Data Visualization.

ID 82332

Jack Hernandez


Founder @topmedia, Worked at @yahoo, @google • Studied at @florida-atlantic-university, @florida-international-university

ID 42014

Marcos Moralez


Emmy Award Winning UI UX Designer with over 13yrs of exp.

ID 283790

Roger Ximenez

FSU Economics undergraduate (3.62 GPA). Project management and analysis experience. Strong analytical background with an interest in marketing and sales.

ID 175275

Maximiliano De Muro


Tech entrepreneur, advisor, intrapreneur and executive

ID 505579

Chad Armstrong

10 years in online marketing, lead generation, customer acquisition / conversion / retention

ID 414463

Philipp Muehlbauer


Co-Founder of Picanova Group, first startup founded out of highschool, Entrepreneur, Onlinemarketing Generalist, Angel Investor and Master in General Management

ID 200331

Gianni D'Alerta

Bitcoin / Ethereum / Crypto Currency Champion - Currently working at @activepbx • Worked at @addashop-com, @sapient, @alienware • Founder @kompani-group

ID 552165

Hans Stier

Founder of Bonaverde. 1st roast-grind-brew coffee machine & online coffee farmers' marketplace.

ID 51278

Peter Hubshman

Start-up, private equity, and capital markets experience combined. I work at the early and first round stages to conceptualize strategies and financial plans.

ID 64260

Jon Lamb


Father, CEO, COO, CMO, Accredited Angel Investor, Board Member and Automotive Insider

ID 255531

Joseph Santoro

DC/LA Superconnector @forbes @MoxieStrategy @StartupGrindDC @ADmapco Creative Strategist, Media2.0Sensei, Political Wonketeer, Entrepreneurial Techie, Neuro PhD

ID 332345

Anand Appulingam


Founder @atacama-capital-partners • Worked at @morgan-stanley, @united-states-army • Investor @activereplay, @hitch • Studied at @georgetown-university

ID 99520

Lori Anne Wardi


Attorney, Investor, Entrepreneur, Co-founder of .CO

ID 227522

Sahba Ferdowsi

Founder Medicast • Studied at @emory-university, @vanderbilt-university

ID 8077

Joaquim Venancio


Passionate entrepreneur at @ticies and @3dvix. Mobile at Banco do Brasil. Cook Trainee, Brazilian, Internet Enthusiast

ID 142312

Arsène Lavaux

Foundeur. Designeur. Codeur. Marketeur. "Eur" with the French accent.

ID 3956

Chris Brisson

CEO & Co-Founder @call-loop. 1st internet startup at 19, acquired 3 years later. Helped turn $0 into $1.2M in 18 months. Marketing is my mojo.

ID 129085

Ramón Cacho

Marketing Manager @aptdeco | Co-founder @q-nepa-www-qnepa-com

ID 344968

Alex Birkett

Marketing @lawnstarter & Arctica Race, Writer @ &, Educated @ University of Wisconsin

ID 253602

Patrick O'Keefe

Head of Marketing @clutch-prep. Previously Lead Consulting Sales Engineer and record breaking biz dev for the Vocus Marketing Platform.

ID 845126

Jon Smyth

Founded and held senior positions at Internet companies in Europe / US since 99. Tiscali, Buongiorno, Atrinsic #Investor #entrepreneur #severalexits

ID 135997

Andrew Saunders

Integrated Marketing & Content Solutions Executive at CAA (@creative-artists-agency). Featured in Wired, Fast Company and Banff Media Festival.

ID 73368

Erik Ebright

I am who I am, because of who we all are.

ID 38142

Matthew Wells

Co-Founder at @pe-nexus (Former investment banker who decided its time the M&A profession caught up with the rest of us); Founder @college-coolers

ID 621275

Matthew Tumbleson

Pop culture enthusiast with a history of making companies grow through marketing, creative, and brand,

ID 210852

Adam Scott Riff


Senior executive and entrepreneur with 13 years of experience in marketing / comms, digital media, strategy, product management and operations.

ID 532426

Charles Walter

Director of Growth at Rokk3r Labs, a tech portfolio company based in Miami. Passionate about tech in South Florida.

ID 90892

Val Brennan

Fmr. bigfirm Laywer turned entrepreneur-business expert passionate about the health & fitness space. Fndr @three-day-rule • Wrkd at @bryan-cave • Studied at @university-of-florida

ID 541617

Jose Llorens

Founder & CEO at Universe • Adventurer/thrill-seeker, Writer @elite-daily , Brining Ideas to Life, Business Development/Marketing

ID 139939

Ronald Silbermann

President and CEO of Rentzio

ID 338703

Michele Gonçalves

Brazilian, easygoing, world traveler, tech entrepreneur, food enthusiast, a Fashion Designer by profession, Marketer by vocation, Blogger by choice, obsessed with make-up, travel and technology. Co-founder at Obsequio • Worked at @restorando-com, @shopear

ID 486033

Paul King


Founder of goCharge, mentor/investor/advisor to startups, 25 under 25 Businessweek, school @carnegie-mellon-university, profiled in FORTUNE, CNN, MediaWeek

ID 229089

Angelo Greco

Happiness seeker. Aspiring to leave our tomorrows better than our todays. Founder of Floqker. Putting your passions at your fingertips.

ID 256488

Jeffrey Fermin

Workplace enhancer. High Five Supplier. Minimalist. Functions > Titles.

ID 28205

Daniel G. Burstyn

Chief Operating Officer at neuromore

ID 455461

Pablo J Conde

Paid Search Expert Looking to Connect with the Right Companies

ID 374872

Aamir Shibli

Mergers & Acquisitions, Investment Banking at Lazard, Deutsche Bank, Rothschild. Columbia Business School. Bus Dev (AXP), Prod Mgmt (TWC)

ID 200187

Vildana Bijedic

Global Citizen | Worked at @accenture, @united-nations • Studied at London-school of economics, Miami university • Founder v-v-consulting-int-l

ID 585679


PhD in Thinking. Strong business background, a born rainmaker; Inventor, innovator, Champion, taking a non-winning team to victory. Able to sell products nationally and internationally. Currently working on 4 startups (ideas that do not exist at the momen

ID 154606

Geoff Sakala

Founder @clickspring, @metro-media • Worked at @us-army, @locable • Studied at @california-state-unversity-sacramento

ID 711224

Linda Koritkoski

I like to solve marketing problems with amazing teams, and improve myself in the process. Alum of @SyracuseU. Living in Miami. Bostonian at heart.

ID 82492

Allan Krinsky

Worked at @slidegenius, @nulu • Studied at University of California, Santa Barbara

ID 159399

Fernando Pafumi

Successful entrepreneur and corporate leader

ID 125138

Javaughn Lawrence

Entrepreneurial Yale Senior interested in summer opportunities in start-ups and VC/PE investing. interests include CPG, retail analytics, and emerging markets.

ID 121981

Eduardo Gonzalez Loumiet, MBA, PMP

Entrepreneur, Advisor and Project Manager. Work at Uber Opearations. Co-founded BCMPros. Founded @gonzalez-loumiet-group and FuseTank.

ID 177016

Carlos Taborda

Founder of Webbynode and Gistia.

ID 455590

Herman Bynke


Worked @wrapp @xceed @madison * Founder @hela @Festivus  

ID 536107

Cori Capik

Digital Producer for @agfunder and AgFunderNews • MA from @columbia-university Journalism School

ID 143731

Joey Ricard


Degree in IT. 1st startup at 22, grew to $1.6M in sales in 18 mos. I believe in the triumph of humanity...with a little help from technology.

ID 95927

Aaron Post

Father, Husband, Mad web skills, currently handling the Marketing, Account Management and Sales for BarVision.

ID 441151

Mark Crofton

Global VP, Sales Academy SAP. I teach people how to sell. Ex VP Sales, Account Executive, Pre-Sales. Launched incubator in LAC. Former: VC, @McKinsey consultant

ID 269172

David C. Glass

ID 111230

Peggy Dold

Founder, Navigation Partners LLC; Global Marketing Strategist & Entertainment Consultant

ID 320595

Ivan Bravo

Founder of FunFan. Worked as VP for sales at CGB World, CEO at Live3d, branch director @ Wisdek. creating business and sucsessfull ideas since 16 years old.

ID 184273

Juan Manuel Giraldez

Mentor @cinemad-tv • Worked at @myspace, @discovery-channel,@warner-bros • CEO & Founder @sonemos-com-ar

ID 48189

Michael Castilla

Front-end Developer & UX Designer

ID 349375

Kiera O'Rourke

Stanford Comp Lit and History double major with design experience, deep arts background, and practiced interpersonal skills

ID 43872

Andrew T. Nichols


Started life as a real estate lawyer in NYC and ran the firm's real estate securities group. Retired from law and went into the real estate syndication and auction businesses. Ran Integrated Total Solutions Alliance, a venture between CBRE and GoIndustry.

ID 136918

Jonathan Gosper

Disrupting the social commerce world • Co-Founder @the-popcrowd • Studied at @university-of-miami

ID 831705

Ashley Blumberg

Soon to be MBA graduate. Looking for a career change from Accenture Consulting. Owned my own business in college.Business mindset with technical knowledge.

ID 509519

Joseph Nodarse

In my 20 year career of both buy and sell career of working with alternative class vehichles I have raised in excess of $3Billion and have worked with top tier funds.

ID 143032

Jeffrey Friedman

Licensed Psychotherapist helping people reach their goals.

ID 308252

Jeff Franklin

Looking for International Business Partners and Techies

ID 15245

Kevin McCarthy

@mckinsey-company internal healthcare data/analytics startup. Previously open gov and data utilization for B2B & commercial insurance at Risk Metrics

ID 62888

Mattia Settimelli

Born artist and avid learner, turned entrepreneur, 15 yrs in media+ent. Now focused exclusively on transmedia strategies for my projects/startups

ID 320240

Xavier Mantilla

Seasoned executive that opened digital agencies in Latin America and US Hispanic

ID 505568

Sherif El Ghamrawy

CMO of Pack.18 years working with Fortune 100 companies in US, EMEA, Asia-Pac. Vendor/agency mix with extensive marketing and technology experience.

ID 531285

Mario Cordon

Best blend of Creative Marketing and Quantitative Marketing.

ID 199989

Felipe Hofstatter

Passionate entrepreneur with strong business background (startups, consulting, ibanking). Always seeking new opportunities; Worked at @brightwire, @earlyshares

ID 589908

John Crivelli


ID 214025

Jose Casanova


President of @csnv-group [Web dev/design]. Rails dev, author, marketer, entrepreneur, consultant, & growth hacker. Helped Loop raise $120k on KS. Former trader.

ID 339781

Antonio Talledo

Biz Dev at @waleteros • previously @goldman-sachs • studied Industrial Engineering @worcester-polytechnic-institute

ID 646350

Michael Salvo

Founder at @whitecap-seo • Worked at @customink, @hewlett-packard • Studied at @northeastern-university

ID 545073

Cristian Sturek


Founder @iot-do-internet-of-things and @open-houses-management-platform-inc Cloud Solutions Architect and Entrepreneur. 15 years IT Strategy. U.S Marine.

ID 874949

Breanna Faye

UX Designer, Tech-Ed Start-Up Co-Founder, MIT Media Lab Product Ventures Team Winner, Design Research, 3D Specialist, Project Management, Marketing and Branding

ID 409614

Thierry Godard

Founder @daep-media Journalist (Road & Track & Craftbeer) 5 years with digital media startups. Former Editor @smartasset. Studied at @carnegie-mellon-university

ID 90094

Cedric Watkins

Seasoned entrepreneur, strategist, biz dev and marketing executive. Expertise in marketing, new media, mobile devices, digital content management.

ID 771179

Genna Selesnick

Can't Stop. Won't Stop.

ID 852708

MA Neff

Positioning Catalyst for new technology & cleantech projects. Digital agency experience with American Express, Starwood Hotels, Dell and diverse startups.

ID 269775

Sean F Arcacha

Experienced IT Consultant and Technical Founder @plexisoft, @intelligent-pm

ID 268741

Rob Davis

via S.FL. I'm either surfing or making. now @teamradsocial @maker_lab

ID 426386

Brian Adamovich

Team leadership, strategic planning, business development, marketing with a focus on analytics, risk analysis, win-win negotiation and conflict resolution.

ID 224084

Alessandro Dal Canto

Marketing @ Adobe, Senior at @babson-college College. Founded and Microfinance Fund. Strong international background. Passion for Strategy, and Marketing.

ID 143289

Noam Bizman

Worked at @hp-software, @bmc-software, @idf

ID 450092

Keva Silversmith

Accomplished public relations professional with deep, hands-on experience across the spectrum of communications roles and tactics.

ID 665763

Alex McKeown

A proven leader with an appetite for new technology that enables the strengthening of the bonds between customer and brand.

ID 99647

Stelios Xeroudakis

Founder, Cloud Carib & CTO, NISI Yachts

ID 481880

Jason Weinreb | University of Miami MBA '15

ID 456789

Roberto Paniagua

Travel Startups, Business Development

ID 381689

Brody Ryan Crawford

Founded a Record Label, Own a beach club in bimini Bahamas, Producer, Actor, Model, Music Management.

ID 215777

Jared Tysak

I build companies, I grow companies, I expand companies.

ID 77305

Tino Dietrich


CEO & Founder Lakefield Media. 20+ yrs in interntl. bus., PE,VC,media & executive/management leadership. BSc UC of Syracuse .

ID 421746

Larissa Liburd

Yale Political Science major; extensive non-profit experience, will travel, interested in IR, real estate, economic development, law, and more!

ID 650799

Milan Patel

Versatile data management & technology guru with experience working in developing world.

ID 238254

Nihal Advani

Worked at @do-you-remember-1 • Studied at @state-university-of-new-york-system

ID 119879

Kyle Wetzold

UChicago Economics/International Studies Major. Non-Profit Founder. Microfinance, Risk Consulting, Asset Management, Public Policy, Editorial Intern. Motivated.

ID 714999

Andre Schnabl

Product Manager, Multilingual, Technology Aficionado, using Marketing Expertise to Solve Problems in becoming a Solutions Provider for Businesses | GaTech, USF

ID 131335

Dan Posnack

Freelance interactive, web design, UI design, social media consultant in the trenches for the last 13 years. Branding and marketing experience mixed in as well.

ID 500721

Mani Gill

Studied at @university-of-southern-california

ID 203434

jabu madlala

CEO of dataforce. Expirience with global multinationals. Worked in USA, London for various firms. Self Starter with experience in many start-ups.

ID 829741

Carmelo Colon III

International Sales & Marketing Professional with a proven track record of success as well as extensive operations, planning and project management experience.

ID 150310

Miguel Triay

Studied at @babson-college

ID 882752

Rodrigo Stockebrand

Lead Growth Hacker @sapientnitro. Founder of @7DaystoDigital. @GeorgetownU Alum. Born on active volcano in Chile. Raised on organic dairy farm in Wisc.

ID 693621

Allan Landman

Amherst College Chemistry - cum Laude; Bilingual - English & Spanish; Quantitative mind and fast learner.

ID 611814

Camila Martinez

Duke University Recent Graduate.

ID 278651


Business, analysis, and web background. MS in EE at GT. Fluent Portuguese, Spanish. Entrepreneurial spirit.

ID 646866

Elizabeth Brittle

International MBA 2010, Worked at Kaplan, Rubbermaid, Motorola, BSR

ID 251795

Mateo Hernandez-Ysasi

Studied at Cornell University. Applied Econ and Mgmt; Worked at Goldman Sachs & iInside. Recreational crime fighter with a penchant for wanderlust.

ID 556544

Daniel Bustillo

Project Manager | Online Marketing | Manage High-Performance Teams | MBA

ID 186419

Jim Marsee

Developed and implemented int'l sales (ex-US) strategies at multiple small companies. Generally seek channel partners in target markets as most efficient entry

ID 299781

Eric Karbeling

University of Miami graduate; Designer

ID 500329

John Reyhani


Founder Fuelmatics Corp • VP Petroleum Marketing, General Constructor, BS Aeronautical Science Embry-Riddle, and BS Construction UNF. Contact (305)807-4923

ID 509293

Lauren Gersny

JD Emory; BSBA University of Florida; worked with Biotech, E-commerce, Software startups

ID 743695

Ahmed Elfatairy

Middlebury Graduate, International Politics and foreign languages. Worked at Education First and Kaplan.Inc

ID 477054

Gregory Hoffman

I am a social entrepreneur who utilizes creativity, leadership, and teamwork to design and execute solutions that create change.

ID 554207

Allen Guthier

Founder @guthier-enterprises-inc, @platypus-enterprises-llc • Worked at @apple, @motorola, @watsco • Studied at @university-of-florida

ID 430472

Gregorio Cavazos

Human, advertiser. Founder of Kaploom and Dibs, Master student of Global Strategic Communications in the Florida International University and Miami Ad School.

ID 327777

Ryan Parker

Brand Builder, Art Photographer, Golfer, Startup Guy

ID 465419

Keisha Gabbidon

Founder and Principal of Global Acquisitions & Investments. Intermediary between investor and investment opportunity. Lead sales generator at Metronomic, Inc.

ID 463529

Courtland Thomas

Founder 292 Magazine • Full-stack marketer • Digital marketing pro • Wearable tech entrepreneur.

ID 238320

Carlos Edde

CEO of Upsigo. Founded an Adventure Traveling NGO (Team Unexpected). Logistics background with Latin America's largest Air Freight Company. MBA Graduate at 23.

ID 708171

Tamarly Danier, M.B.A

UF MBA, worked at Apple. Strong business and negotiating background.

ID 193678

Alyssa Clement

Graduate student at @FIU. Worked at @syracuse University, @Lifetime Fitness • Studied at @'Cuse ('12), @FIU ('13)

ID 855266

Idi Ohikhuare

Consultant-type seeking to utilize skills and experience in Economics, Consulting, Market Research & Analysis, Sales & Marketing, Financial Planning

ID 294899

Sebastian Barwinski

Founder of soundsLARGE. The very first electronic music discovery platform. Users on soundsLARGE can discover music as well as read & learn about it.

ID 870309

Linh Tu

Notre Dame BA.  Strong hospitality, business, and communications background.

ID 168186

Scott Mellett

Serial entrepreneur. Strong business development background with startups and diverse industry experience.

ID 470353

Steven Kreimendahl

BS in Journalism and BA in Jewish Studies from University of Colorado Boulder. Strong social media and technology background.

ID 376484

Trevor Williams

Studied at @georgia-institute-of-technology

ID 812071

Cristi Harb Andrade

CMO/Founder of Harbendahl Design. B.S in Business Administration: Marketing, Human Resources and Digital Media certificate at CU Boulder. Bilingual in Spanish.

ID 379842

Mark Swartz

Extensive background in live entertainment with experience in sales, marketing and advertising.

ID 212258

Stephanie Young

VP Business Development

ID 760908

Josh S

10+ years of experience in strategic marketing with a focus on digital and new media. Master’s degree holder, founder of a non-profit to support street art.

ID 182561

Arnoldo J. Reyes


Biz Dev @ PayPal. Product, strategy and and biz dev @mastercard @AmericanExpress. Former I-banker @BarclaysCapital. 15+ years in financial services.

ID 316475

Francisco Sanchez

Founder @tellmi

ID 710326

Amberly Nardo

ID 876259

Joshua Olaoniye

Miami Law and Music grad, social media manager and creative writer.

ID 536681

Rita Martinez-Cid

Please refer to my LinkedIn Profile:

ID 316690

Enrique Lacayo

Bentley marketing graduate. Business and financial background.

ID 658231

Andy Uriarte

General Partner @3d Consultants. Marketing & Business Dev. Previous: Marketing Director @Adagioteas. B2B @viddler. BS Business Administration and Marketing.

ID 354463

Luis Del Rio

Miami. Studied Industrial Engineering @purdue-university University

ID 208950

Denis Vanegas

Worked at @gozump

ID 776598

Edward Kiejliches

B.S. Marketing from Suffolk University. Experience in marketing, real estate and project management. Succesfuly developed mobile application. Speak Russian.

ID 397878

Carlos Wolf


I'm a facial plastic surgeon. I like to invest in up-and-coming companies.

ID 186791

Brian Fernalld

Front end engineer, entrepreneur, and cookie eater. Highly proficient in semantic HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, and PHP. Studied ECE at @OSU

ID 287584

Gino Pacini Jr.

CEO of Pinblu, Inc. 1st Startup launched just last year. Business background (Family Business in Flexible Packaging). Bentley University BS Business Management 2009.

ID 272473

Alyssa Campione

Salesperson, Marketing Assistant, waitress, Coach, Intern for Big Ten

ID 608143

Olee Fowler

ID 447753

Vladimir Mirzoyan

Wore the hats: Agency Founder, Creative Director, SaaS Director & Software Architect. At the end, Pixel perfect design rules! :)

ID 712665

McKillop Erlandson

Lawyer, Jack of All Trades, Regulation Expert

ID 217206

[email protected]

Creative Marketing Genius with experience at Omnicom

ID 322550

Roberto Daglio

Sales, Education Sales, Forex Trader / Teacher, Owner RTA Trading Academy

ID 216268

ashoka ganesan

Co-Founder CI Dynamics. Co-Founder & Managing Director of Private Equity Funded Start-Up. Strong Business Management & Marketing Background.

ID 458653

Andy Leimdorfer

Founder Cents+ • Studied at @university-of-florida

ID 698910

Steven Tromberg

Very hard working and devoted professional with years of marketing, sales, and business development experience in the financial services industry.

ID 114548

Ryan Lipps

Research Coordinator at @cbre

ID 259986

Nicole Binns

Recreation & Sport Management/Marketing major. Interned at ESPN 760. Management experience.

ID 691412

Peter Linares

ID 296756

Peter Martinez

CEO of SunCycles. Follower Collaborative Consumption, with past start-up in Automotive Co-working space. Currently building bike share to take over Sunbelt.

ID 843257

Reinaldo Orellana

Suffolk University BSBA 2014, Global Business & Entrepreneurship Major. Background in Operations, Project Management, and Consulting.

ID 191157

Daniela Cadena

Founder @squid-2 • Studies @florida-international-university Marketing & Economics Loves sports, food, reading, photography.

ID 609831

Raymond Frias

I enjoy exploring possibilities and building great things. Founder, CEO @thrame Past: Ambassador, Pluto Software

ID 321429

Yannick Daly

B.A. in Liberal Arts and Sciences: Anthropology, Worked as an intern at Walt Disney World, Strong and motivated individual looking to a promising future

ID 330045

Monica Silvestre

ID 552906

Brandon Cook

University of Florida graduate, Experienced affiliate manager; worked at a tech startup as well as an industry leader

ID 556325

Anselmo Araujo

Experienced marketing, sales, business development and promotions executive with expertise in Pay Television, Digital Media, Public Relations, Media Strategy, Mobile Content, Social Media, Promotions and Events. Strong communicator, with advanced negotiat

ID 845450

Chandrakant Kanoria

Management Consultant

ID 99633

Bryan Dennstedt

CIO, the internet is my life. Strong technical and business skills. RIT Grad. for more info.

ID 502592

Maxine Peltz

Communications professional with experience in the fine arts, startups, e-commerce, non-profits, and event planning

ID 748021

Carlos Iraola

Highly determined, reliable and persistent Sales and Business Development Manager with more than 15 years of extensive experience in sales.

ID 70402

Mauricio Bendeck

Go-getter Sales and Market Development that fixes Account Relationships gone bad to Hunting for Greenfield Relationships in Mobile, M2M, MobAd, Roaming.

ID 109085

Andrew Ramos

MBA Candidate at FIU, Telecommunications Engineer

ID 163910

Jonathan Dreszer

Founder Lost Hotels • Worked at @groupon • Studied at @emerson-college

ID 163353

A college dropout who started @realniggashit-com, made hundreds of t-shirts and they sold out the first week. Ready to take it to level.

ID 374408

Gillian Schulman

Director of User Acquisition @the-popcrowd , a crowdselling marketplace designed to recommend products based on personal interest and social interaction.

ID 305572


ID 511908

Yasenny Camejo

Digital Marketing Professional, Miami/Fort Lauderdale Area.

ID 100857

Mario Cuello

Partner at Studop Inc. , Head of Research and Development as well as Marketing. Student at @florida-state-university University, as well as an Internet entrepreneur

ID 355510

Felipe Gutierrez


Born in USA currently working on Colombia selling plastic chairs all over the country.

ID 565231

Christopher Parent

Founder @3ddigitaldoubles-com, • Studied at @university-of-maine, Gnomon School of VFX

ID 782658

Najah Ezaldein

ID 755144

Ara Galarza

CEO | Co-Founder @eat-in-chef

ID 840560

Victor Gonzalez

Growth Specialist • Quantitative Digital Marketing & Analytics

ID 542429

Lisa B.

Studied at @university-of-miami

ID 407099

Erik Maguina

Florida International University,Bachelors in Management and Marketing, Sales experience and education, Management and Sales background,

ID 126376

German Espitia

ID 191553

Ryan Wenger

Founder @florida-collegiate-boxing-conference • Worked at @the-launch-pad • Studied at @university-of-miami, @deerfield

ID 392804

Rey Tamayo

Chief Innovation Architect, inventor, mobile app functional designer and very happy living an earnest life.

ID 373992

Andrés Tovar


ID 737273

Patrick George

Founder of @pwayko

ID 695137

Vanessa Borras

ID 231525

Katya Sarmiento

College Student, Quick & Eager Learner, Web Designer

ID 407411

Daniel Smith, MBA

MBA Graduate, Entrepreneurial, Launched largest Caribbean Fashion Brand online

ID 318453

Jackie Loos

ID 513319

Lauren Fache

Marketing Director @preapprovalletter-com-1

ID 888303

James Duran

Experienced copyeditor and writer.

ID 425012

John Walter

JD '14 University of Miami, started two companies (1 in Brazil, 1 in US). Experience with contract drafting and early stage companies. Speak Span. & Port.

ID 271063

Tima Zein

workaholic, foodie/critic, web designer/developer, social media, brand identity, marketing, event planning, copywriter, creative writer

ID 338856

William-José Vélez González

Job seeker with a background in Biomedical Engineering, public policy, regulatory affairs, technology, and marketing.

ID 697183

Jonathon Belgrad

University of Miami Honors Student Helping Startups with Business Development

ID 442916

Natalie Baj

Seeking PR or marketing position with web or application based focus

ID 365559

John Bradley Davis

Strategic leader with extensive digital & interactive marketing experience for both US Hispanic and general market. Google Certified with Design Experience

ID 886723

Veronica Bitar

Manager at Bliss Intoxicating Beauty, awarded Allure's 2014 Best Hair Salon in Miami - looking to innovate & inspire within the marketing tech industry

ID 515140

Elisa Reyes

Strong business background with experience in Leadership and Entrepreneurship. Have worked as marketing director for an education startup.

ID 600402

Ellie Kouumdjieva

Account Executive at Carma PR & Marketing. Strong communications background. Speak 4 languages. Graduated from the University of Miami 2012

ID 315737

Rob Moore

Double Major in Economics and Marketing at University of Miami. Recent college graduate with experience working in the startup industry (MonaBar - Miami).

ID 578182

Gracie Padron

Graphic Designer, Branding Expert, Mobile App Designer, Author

ID 380262

Lisandro Franky IV

Part owner of internet consulting firm Cybercis, A businessman at heart and a software engineer by profession. Experienced Webmaster and SEO Expert.

ID 277878

Alexandra Rodriguez

MBA Student, business and economics background, conducted extensive research on local markets. International experience.

ID 828387

Andre JP

Vip Host at Nikki Beach, Sales at Musclepro Fitness, Business Development at Crosswell Interational Tire Company.

ID 209223

Rod Ruiz

Art Director & Fashion Photographer

ID 760966

Irvin Lira

Recent Graduate actively looking for entry-level work in Digital Media or Social Media

ID 288116

Mallory Strock

BA 2009 University of Miami; Omega Award from Delta Phi Epsilon; Training to unicycle across the country from Miami to LA; Seeking a rewarding mental challenge

ID 609540

Christina Fuentes

Social Media Junkie with a strong background in music and tour marketing for dance and indie labels/artists. Lover of all things internet. UMiami '13

ID 798081

Camilo Quinones

Recent Economics graduate from FIU. Have worked with Sony and Fitbit through MarketStar. Well versed in Microsoft Office and other data systems.

ID 640966

Jay Whitley

Creative, passionate, hardworking, team-player, scrappy, loyal, dedicated, willingness to learn more,worked at Whisper app.

ID 446945

Valerie Andrade

University of Miami alum; diverse in Sales & Marketing; start-up enthusiast

ID 177049

Derek Santana

Worked at @livingsocial, @seasite-com • Studied at @st-thomas-university

ID 483033

Arjun Sharma

Co-founder of Dionysian Mysteries

ID 705228

Douglas Pursley

Seasoned marketing executive

ID 717979

Nelson Dellis

3x USA Memory Champion || Hard-working and motivated to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN.

ID 465873

Kayla Mann

PR Manager for my school's yearbook; ran PR campaign for my sorority; created media kit for non-profit organization;

ID 581769

Akua Walters

Founder @Ultreya Logistics, @ErrandBoy • Studied at @university-of-the-west-indies

ID 769263

Angel Centeno

Graphic/Web Developer Freelancer | Worked as Internet Director for Sonic Automotive, Inc. | Studied at @ashford-university for Business (E-Marketing)

ID 237519

Eric Rivera

BS in Communications. Obsession with social media. Former digital intern.

ID 839441

Maria O'Hollearn (Higuerey Birgisson)

MBA in Marketing, HR & Management and MA in Multicultural studies (Dartmouth College), passionate marketer with intellectual curiosity & problem solving skills.

ID 665832

Megan Terilli

Experience Digital Analytics and Site Optimization Implementation Specialist

ID 501750

Zack Simpson

Growth Hacker at @prosimity-smarter-business-networking; Marketer at Watsco • Interested in new ideas and challenging the status quo.

ID 633047

Cristina Diez

ID 286753

Austin Stone


CEO of The SPM Consultants and CFO of Waterstreet Fund. Extremely passionate and driven.

ID 666103

Sarah Milligan

Fledgling Sales Maven. Excited to start career in B2B software sales. Fresh grad B.S. in Biz. Quick learner possessing charm that travels beyond Charleston, SC.

ID 396585

Luisa Jimenez

BizDev at Equality Rewards, Online Luxury background, Conde Nast and Gilt Groupe Alum. Bicoastal and Bilingual MIA, NYC, LA

ID 456564

Frankie Hayward

Creating @CatalystSquared.

ID 775473

Alex Luna

Trilingual advertising copywriter, digital strategist, social content creator

ID 815403

Dexter Josephs

Pritalus Photo Sharing Network

ID 568014

ShicKell Kemosabe Laidley

Founder Element Entertainment

ID 711462

Tom Gomez

Co-founder of Robot Unicorn and Marketing Manager at AFW. Formerly MiaSci, Wolfsonian, Clevelander.

ID 703691

Ben Sarason

Market Research Beacon Startup, UF Hough Graduate School of Business

ID 770198

Vadim (Adam) Makarevich

ID 334026

Christian Scott

Attended Ohio Business Week; First family member to attend a university; Awarded academic scholarship; Spoke at SGA Presidents Conference; Graduated Cum Laude.

ID 702076

amanda pena

University of Miami Grad looking to make others feel Gorgeous

ID 106567

Inti Rodriguez

CEO, Founder of @1200dreams-1. Graduate of School of Hard Knocks. Co-founded successful website during 1st dot com boom. Entrepreneur, writer, DJ, Dad.

ID 731895

Mark Davidoff

Professional online poker player looking to find a new profession; 3 months experience in Africa attempting to start a business involving mobile technology

ID 304139

Jonathan Carrillo

Community Manager @ Square Marketing, Social Media, Community and Brand Evangelist looking for work!

ID 430251

J.R. Gasparoni

Experienced Sales Closer, ability to hire train & develop high end sales teams. MBA & M.Ed

ID 788185

Martin Ycaza

Enthusiastic junior determined to thrive in a stimulating and demanding environment, contributing ample knowledge in technical support and information systems

ID 885570

Afroza Khan, M.B.A

ID 707607

Caridad Nieblas

Exceptional problem solver, quick and efficient with experience troubleshooting and solving technical issues.

ID 288847

Kaven Jean-Charles

Founder, Managing Partner at NM Creative Agency.

ID 806183

Vilbert Junior Belizaire

ID 260979

Danielle Espinel

UI Designer - Graphic designer with more than ten years of experience.

ID 689327

Grant Ethan Caldwell


Global Business Developer. International Marketing Strategist.

ID 393002

Gianfranco Lopane

Italian-Dominican, EUDE MCom, PUCMM BBA, Strong Sales background (Cap Cana, Nestle) Financial-Business-Commercial Guru.

ID 367729

Daniel Jimenez

COO and Founder of Ocean Financing • Worked at @wg-financing, @id-boom • Studied at @american-business-school-paris - Hungry college grad, ready to eat.

ID 293059

Jennifer Leesfield

An accomplished community leader, Jennifer Leesfield has served as the director of public relations for Leesfield & Partners since 2001.

ID 659950

Daniella Trilla

Great disposition to work, flexible hours

ID 638084

Michael Spiegel

An experienced player in structuring and positioning brands & properties through custom design, media presence and social network.

ID 644850

Katherine Moreno

A Miami polyglot who is passionate about cultural, artistic and technological development in the 305

ID 644001

Afroza Khan

ID 509151

Tyler Novo

Extremely well rounded hospitality professional looking to transition into entrepreneurship/startups at any level

ID 834119

Dante Elrik

Founder: CloudShopper, Retailer Labs

ID 494651

Deuce Mob

Deuce Mob Djs playing the hottest music in South FL Smiles Official Promo #follow @smilesofficial #TeamSmiles #TeamSmilesOfficial #TeamFollowBack

ID 463495



ID 876160

Elise Friedson

Elise Friedson

ID 518154

Sherif El Ghamrawy

Seasoned technology marketing and communications practice leader with 18 years’ worldwide experience working with Fortune 100 companies

ID 541607

Adam Bartimmo

Digital Producer & Advertising Executive with over 10 yrs of experience in digital retail experiences; traditional productions; social exchanges, and websites

ID 580277


I make things from nothing and collect skills like stamps.

ID 463483



ID 562517

Sabina Tarraza Cruz

ID 434593

Neel Shome

Growth-obsessed brand zealot delivering rapid growth through insightful strategy and aggressive execution.

ID 521749

Cas Mollien

Technologist and IT Leader. SMB Devotee for its constant drive and innovation. Specialized in leveraging practical uses of Open Source software and Cloud.

ID 542384

Suyapa Bustillo

tengo experiencia en atencion al cliente y limpieza en general.

ID 646414

Kyle Ditto

ID 659152

Stephen Jayne

I launched my first company while in university, it was my baby project up until graduation. Now I want to go out, get my hands dirty and develop more projects.

ID 615686

Jess Taylor

Lynn BA,

ID 357384

Alexandre Mayol

Founder @offees @watchkeeper

ID 394073

Camila Garcia

MBA graduate at Hult Business School in San Francisco. 5 years of business/relationship development for Singaporean Government.

ID 27624

Danielle Sims

Co Founder of @biogrphr & @intrns. Internet Marketing Expert

ID 430908

April Johnson

Dynamic CPG Sales and marketing executive with a proven track record, escaped the big corporate world to flex my entrepreneurial muscles and mind!

ID 152439

Derrick Miller

Founder @cameleon-candle-usa-inc, @storm-enterprise • Worked at @g-biotech, @dtnj-group-inc

ID 407002

Michel Rodriguez

Experienced International Sales & Marketing Executive with Proven Track Record, Contact Network. Looking for a New Challenge in SAAS, HAAS and/or Wireless Space. Love Startups, Turn Arounds & Travel.

ID 422585

Michael Robinson

My passion and education are in business economics. My experience has included wearing many hats and working with a diverse range of businesses from smallbusiness, local, state, and federal govt, to even large corporations. I'd love an opportunity to

ID 365959

Mario Montoto

Miami BAS Graduate, Worked at Chiquita Brands, Strong Marketing and business background, Leader and value creator

ID 24765

Patricia Fuller

CMO of @smart-engagement. Strong marketing and business development background. Worked at AOC, AMD and APC.

ID 110984

Arturo Valerio

Internet entrepreneur emerging markets; founder at Numericit and Tabuga (spin-off).

ID 430696

Matthew Quatrani

On my way.

ID 99925

Charles Katz

Junior Associate at MediaVest, Intern at Morgan Stanley

ID 233779

Walter Martinez

ID 253690

Helmut Franco

Founder @surrealimagine-studios, @emotion-tv • Worked at @icrtv, @non-stop-digital, @univision-online, Creator, Serial Entrepreneur, Art & Technology bonded.

ID 395174

Nicolas Saint Bris

Entrepreneur, ESCP Europe, Saint Gallen, BNP Paribas

ID 353023

Jonathan Lobato

ID 83132

Seth Prezant

CEO/Founder of Wacky Wild® Science, launched "Da Hunger" game-like weight loss app, & about to piss off an entire industry...follow back and stay in the loop.

ID 205174

Luis Escobar

Founder AZTHETIK STUDIOS, Creative Designer, Web Craftsman, Prudent Strategist.

ID 391141


ID 182979

Maju Rezende

Brazilian from Florianopolis living in Miami, FL. Marketing, advertising, photography, music and internet.

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