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ID 481048

Andrei Savchenko

Software Technologist and Entrepreneur. Founder/Chief Architect @buyjacker; Founder @AlignedGlobal;

ID 203085

Alain Fontaine

CTO at @clutch-prep • Studied at @university-of-miami, @florida-international-university

ID 147885

Daniel Benedykt

Software Engineer - Mobile Developer - Develop apps for mobile platforms. CTO at @seeds , Previously at @deeplink , @kefsensei

ID 615139

Rene de la Chesnaye

CTO and Head of Strategic Partnerships @Flyanairliner USA • Co-Founded La Rouge Entertainment • Worked @dell, CaesarsEntertainment, OMSA • Studied at @College of Southern Nevada

ID 598417

Rafael Aguilar

Co-Founder & CEO: @my Sports Arena. Co-Founder & CTO @simple X Share. Co-Founder @selfeels Entrepreneur.

ID 724309

Bojan Pantevski

Co-Founder & CTO of Hire Artists

ID 664608

Mario Cruz


Mario Cruz is a technologist with 20 years of expertise. Some of Mario Cruz's specialties include: digital media, cloud computing, scalability, and security.

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