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ID 203085

Alain Fontaine

CTO at @clutch-prep • Studied at @university-of-miami, @florida-international-university

ID 164392

Gabriel Cebrian

Co-founder/CTO of @blendspace. Rails/JS/Objective-C developer. Worked at Microsoft. Georgia Tech alumnus.

ID 32447

Chachi Camejo

CTO, 15+ years of Programming Experience; Advisory Board Devry University

ID 58191

Alex Cabrera

Co-Founder of @marquee. Developing on the web before it was cool. Ran a client-side development agency for three years. ISPs, Advertising, @techstars-1, The U.

ID 8077

Joaquim Venancio


Passionate entrepreneur at @ticies and @3dvix. Mobile at Banco do Brasil. Cook Trainee, Brazilian, Internet Enthusiast

ID 38596

Adam Rogas


Founder / COO @load (SaaS/asp), CTO @vegas-com (sold to Greenspun Media Group), CIO CityQuick (@la-com,, Adviser London Board Of Tourism

ID 124535

Charlie Reverte

VP Engineering of @addthis, product hacker, roboticist in hibernation

ID 272693

Adam Gray

Full stack hacker. Ruby, NodeJS, Golang. Genus Ventus, Ventus Generis. Developer at @trackif

ID 111566

Matthew Fong

User Interface Engineer at @genability. Founder/Developer of @advance-screenings. @georgia-institute-of-technology-1 Computer Science 08

ID 73569

Richard Grundy

Founder of @flomio, Inc. SW Architect at Motorola. Awarded 2 patents to date. Extensive research in low-power wireless and indoor location.

ID 73452

Adrian Rego

CTO at @riskpulse, Previously Developer & Analyst at @florida-power-light • Studied at @florida-international-university

ID 52044

Stonly Baptiste


Co-Founder @urban-us Helping startups help cities;Past : EVP @independenceit , Co-Founder, Co-Founder, Founder

ID 24708

Mark Laymon

Lead Coworking Catalyst Launching Caffeine Spaces, a Coworking Network in South Florida!

ID 130352

TJ Weigel

Product designer and illustrator. Strong business and creative background. Studied @university-of-south-florida BFA 2012

ID 255531

Joseph Santoro

DC/LA Superconnector @forbes @MoxieStrategy @StartupGrindDC @ADmapco Creative Strategist, Media2.0Sensei, Political Wonketeer, Entrepreneurial Techie, Neuro PhD

ID 386

Andrej Kostresevic

I founded New Frontier Nomads, a mobile dev lab helping startups build innovative mobile experiences. We provide mentorship and development for equity.

ID 80089

Zeeshan Yousuf

Developer at Fayceoff. Worked at SocialCubix as lead developer, developed @facebook application and Webs.

ID 85800

Ed Toro

Sr. Dev. @guide-1. Former, PRISA Digital Americas, @hoodiny-entertainment-group (, @scrapblog, and @brightcove. @massachusetts-institute-of-technology B.Sci. in Computer Science.

ID 337050

Sean Dunford


ID 82332

Jack Hernandez


Founder @topmedia, Worked at @yahoo, @google • Studied at @florida-atlantic-university, @florida-international-university

ID 197805

Jose L Pimienta

Co-founder & CEO of @vinylfy. Serial entrepreneur. Designer.Coder. #battlehack Winner. Escaped from Cuba to pursue my dreams in a better place.

ID 119496

Chris Cabell

Innovative technology architect with 15+ years of software development experience Thrives in dynamic environments.

ID 298248

Riccardo Pisano

Founder @prosimity-smarter-business-networking @geowinks @okidoqui Worked @university-of-miami MS @devry-university CS @third-university-of-rome

ID 19551

Igor Royzis

CTO • Leading & Managing High Performance Teams • Building Internet & Mobile Solutions • Bringing Ideas To Life

ID 229089

Angelo Greco

Happiness seeker. Aspiring to leave our tomorrows better than our todays. Founder of Floqker. Putting your passions at your fingertips.

ID 45542

Robin Greenbaum

Founder of My background is in selling residential real estate.

ID 545073

Cristian Sturek


Founder @iot-do-internet-of-things and @open-houses-management-platform-inc Cloud Solutions Architect and Entrepreneur. 15 years IT Strategy. U.S Marine.

ID 72957

Eduardo J Garcia

Managing Partner & Founder at @medivantix

ID 147885

Daniel Benedykt

Software Engineer - Mobile Developer - Develop apps for mobile platforms. CTO at @seeds , Previously at @deeplink , @kefsensei

ID 446727

Rich Stern

Works at @urbanspoon

ID 61954

Auston Bunsen

programmer / entrepreneur

ID 429150

Michael McCord

Founder CEO + Systems Design @learnernation-1

ID 73368

Erik Ebright

I am who I am, because of who we all are.

ID 73546

Juan Bermudez

Minister of Tech at @nightpro.

ID 56538

Neeraj Singh

Ruby on Rails contributor, jQuery contributor, emberjs enthusiast founder @bigbinary .

ID 73449

Scott Shervington


ID 98973

Yohann Taieb

Software Engineer at Ultimate Software & iOS Appreneur/College Instructor at MDC. Holds B.S degree in CS and Maths from F.I.U

ID 183869

Jim Knutt

Founder @cometads-com @tropic-survival-advertising-and-marketing • Worked at @hubbard-media, CBS, Post Newsweek, Sunbeam Television.

ID 385664

Jesse Llobet

President of PsyMetrics, Inc. and HR Testing, Inc. Innovative developer of assessment products that predict human behavior.

ID 323200

Nick Branstator

Founder @10x10 Room. Full stack generalist. 17 year Web vet.

ID 175373

Oscar Salguero

Co-Founder and Lead Mobile Developer @geopon Co-Founder and CTO @Mentores para El Salvador Worked at @equifax-inc, @inter-american-development-bank

ID 209043

Osniel Gonzalez

Co-Founder & CTO @vinylfy. Serial entrepreneur. Developer.

ID 94927

Roman Pelevin

Created and managed teams to build software applications. Architected, designed and implemented web and mobile products.

ID 22591

Piers C


IT director, ruby developer, DBA.

ID 752432

Micha Niskin

Programmer, Curious Investigator, Enthusiast. Computers should be "a bicycle for the mind", and that's what I work toward every day.

ID 48189

Michael Castilla

Front-end Developer & UX Designer

ID 202056

Jim Logan

Worked at @bridgewater-associates, @bear-stearns-co-inc strong business background • Studied at @yale-university(MS in CompSci), @university-of-arizona (BS in Comp Eng and Comp Sci)

ID 548849

Jacob Heller

Lead Tech Developer at The Welcoming Committee. Expert at developing advanced AJAX-powered HTML interfaces. Background in machine learning.

ID 293433

Jonny Ramos

Specialize in Java programming, web and mobile development. Master's degree in Computer Science.

ID 484024

Allen Sanabria

I excel at making this work together as well as automation and monitoring. I get annoyed when a task is done more than once manually and I love to see beautiful metrics that makes sense.

ID 210997

Andre Garrigo

A bit of a nerd when it comes to music and technology. I tweet about current events. Some opinions are mine, others are not. Email me: [email protected]

ID 469950

Barron Roth

CompEng @boston-university • Founder @downtyme • Product Engineer @amd • Designer • Photographer

ID 269775

Sean F Arcacha

Experienced IT Consultant and Technical Founder @plexisoft, @intelligent-pm

ID 38284

Brett Casbeer

Experienced developer. I worked on NATO and large Govt. projects, developed youth management system that processed over $2 million.

ID 151061

David Broderick

Founder @the-rolling-ball, @mango-music-management • Worked at @aequicap-financial-group, @synerjets • Studied at @university-of-miami

ID 214025

Jose Casanova


President of @csnv-group [Web dev/design]. Rails dev, author, marketer, entrepreneur, consultant, & growth hacker. Helped Loop raise $120k on KS. Former trader.

ID 150056


Harvard CS, PM, Co-founder

ID 23742

Paul Kruger

Ruby on Rails Developer

ID 329902

Rick Martínez

Engineer at @plated

ID 685348

Pranav Dobhal

Carnegie Mellon grad student, 5 years Business Intelligence experience, Currently interested in machine learning and data science using Python.

ID 731399

Sean Herman


ID 450623

Derek Miller

iOS Developer at Yellow Pepper • Computer Science at @georgia-institute-of-technology

ID 80999

Michael Lopez

Software Developer at CareCloud. I build backend systems with Ruby/JRuby, Rails, Sinatra, Mongodb, Postgres, Solr, and anything else that gets the job done.

ID 526964

Josef Reed

ID 394486

Cesar Laurentin

Runner and a good coffee lover, has a degree in Computer Sciences and has served as SW Dev Mgr at Telefónica. Its a team builder and Cert. Scrum Master.

ID 183820

Brian Tovar

Worked at @leaflabs • Studied at @the-cooper-union-for-the-advancement-of-science-art

ID 34761

Mike Greenberg

Organizes @south-florida-hack-and-tell; Founded a web host out of high school; Passionate Technophile; Full-stack Developer

ID 73009

Bryce Kerley

Cosmopolitan Space Emperor.

ID 131918

Rashid Mayes

Developer of Brilliance and Stumblr (50mm images accessed per month) Co-founder of the @astrient-foundation Developer of

ID 868651

Jamie Cohen

Vanderbilt CS/Math major, Art minor.

ID 278651


Business, analysis, and web background. MS in EE at GT. Fluent Portuguese, Spanish. Entrepreneurial spirit.

ID 877640

Erik Castro

CMU Logic and Computation, Python Developer

ID 582782

Geyser Zamora

Worked at @learnernation-1

ID 227918

Kevin Medina

Chief Technology Officer, Entrepreneur, hands on technologist, Investor

ID 67891

Carlos Lima

Founder and CEO of . Entrepreneur, Product Designer, Software Developer. I get things done.

ID 186791

Brian Fernalld

Front end engineer, entrepreneur, and cookie eater. Highly proficient in semantic HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, and PHP. Studied ECE at @OSU

ID 447753

Vladimir Mirzoyan

Wore the hats: Agency Founder, Creative Director, SaaS Director & Software Architect. At the end, Pixel perfect design rules! :)

ID 287584

Gino Pacini Jr.

CEO of Pinblu, Inc. 1st Startup launched just last year. Business background (Family Business in Flexible Packaging). Bentley University BS Business Management 2009.

ID 99633

Bryan Dennstedt

CIO, the internet is my life. Strong technical and business skills. RIT Grad. for more info.

ID 796108

Hongtai Li

ID 492989

Enmanuel Corvo

Worked at @liveanswer-inc • Studied at @florida-international-university

ID 260250

Thelson Richardson

CEO of Direct Dialect

ID 12490

Nelson Melo

Worked at @microsoft, @blink • Studied at @university-of-havana-cuba

ID 565231

Christopher Parent

Founder @3ddigitaldoubles-com, • Studied at @university-of-maine, Gnomon School of VFX

ID 295648

Ricardo Sotolongo

Living a dream: developing software in 'dreamland' (USA). Lover of life and technology.

ID 305572


ID 100857

Mario Cuello

Partner at Studop Inc. , Head of Research and Development as well as Marketing. Student at @florida-state-university University, as well as an Internet entrepreneur

ID 206213

Marlon Williams

Founder Fenero FC2, @firstaid-software (Sold) • Worked at @inktel-contact-center-solutions • Studied at @kaplan-university, @miami-dade-college

ID 185687

Carlos Krefft

Founder Geoflik • Worked at @fox-sports, @porter-novelli • Studied at @florida-international-university

ID 502523

Matthew Saunders

Worked at @the-popcrowd, @harris-corporation • Studied at @florida-state-university, @florida-international-university

ID 163353

A college dropout who started @realniggashit-com, made hundreds of t-shirts and they sold out the first week. Ready to take it to level.

ID 161650

Orlando de Frias

Highly proficient in Ruby on Rails & jQuery. Founder @jinglr and @sellies • Studied at @florida-international-university

ID 227686

Anis Panjwani

My Expertise is in iOS Deployment, Mobility, Security, Wireless, Client Solutions, Mac OS X Server, AD, Collaboration solutions, Project Management.

ID 10278

Diego Luis Sarmiento

Co-Founder & CTO of WebProAdmin. Master Degree in Technology (PUC Chile).

ID 734150

Diego Watanabe

University of Florida Computer Science. Entry-level software engineer with web development startup experience looking to begin my career.

ID 436952

Melissa Cole

Full-stack engineer • Currently focusing on database development • BS in Computer Engineering

ID 443246

Bryan Perez

Ruby on Rails developer looking to bring energy to your team.

ID 231525

Katya Sarmiento

College Student, Quick & Eager Learner, Web Designer

ID 481048

Andrei Savchenko

Software Technologist and Entrepreneur. Founder/Chief Architect @buyjacker; Founder @AlignedGlobal;

ID 166940

Bibhas Bhattacharya

Founder @web-age-solutions-inc • Worked at @ibm, @cedara • Studied at @memorial-university-of-newfoundland

ID 391809

Chet Bortz

full stack engineer, purpose over profit

ID 401556

Tomas Celaya

Just getting started.

ID 126201


Director of Interactive Media at HipNotyx, Inc. Experience in small teams, and start-ups (esp. distributed teams). Worked on scaling high-traffic sites.

ID 763653

Wilmer Saint-Hilaire

Software Developer at one of the largest bio-medical instruments companies in the world.

ID 200613

David Small

College of Wooster CS Grad. Current Web Developer in Miami, FL at Federated Travel (MySQL/PHP/JS...).

ID 281763


Web Developer, strong PHP bases. Fan of Cloud environments.

ID 380262

Lisandro Franky IV

Part owner of internet consulting firm Cybercis, A businessman at heart and a software engineer by profession. Experienced Webmaster and SEO Expert.

ID 456564

Frankie Hayward

Creating @CatalystSquared.

ID 140838

Joseph Evans

Founder Portbox • Studied at @oakwood-university, @miami-international-university-of-art-design

ID 491966

Andre Allen

Founder Couch Friends • Studied at @full-sail-university-1

ID 78743

Hernán Velásquez

10+ Software developer. Now coding at

ID 740884

Julian Urrego

University of Miami BSEE, Audio/DSP Engineer

ID 96134

Jonatan Alava

Director of Engineering @earlyshares • Techie with business insight able to speak geek and business

ID 226324

Christopher Rivera

Founder ReeMatch • Studied at @miami-dade-college

ID 683726

Daniel Barreto

IT student at FIU; Developer for The Design Bar;

ID 106567

Inti Rodriguez

CEO, Founder of @1200dreams-1. Graduate of School of Hard Knocks. Co-founded successful website during 1st dot com boom. Entrepreneur, writer, DJ, Dad.

ID 721717

Monroe Rodriguez Johnson ☁

Salesforce/BI/CRM Developer/Administrator/Strategist

ID 90486

Jake A. Smith

I'm a PHP Developer and SysAdmin who's fluent in CSS and Javascript. I create things.

ID 288847

Kaven Jean-Charles

Founder, Managing Partner at NM Creative Agency.

ID 411955

Ernesto Freyre

Studied at @university-of-havana-cuba, 24/7 developer.

ID 788185

Martin Ycaza

Enthusiastic junior determined to thrive in a stimulating and demanding environment, contributing ample knowledge in technical support and information systems

ID 376957

Ian Nottage

ID 274129

Josein Hasan

Founder Xantec • Studied at @miami-dade-college CEO and Founder of We are an online auction marketplace.

ID 361275

Domingo Noriega

New Grad Mobile Developer.

ID 359390

Pablo De Souza Pereira

coFounder of DreamStorm - Serial entrepreneur in USA and Europe - Lead developer at @flyzik, @spokeable, @P3K - Studied CS at @TelecomSudParis

ID 458376

Alejandro J Rivera

Founder / Owner of Backpacking Advertising Group®

ID 724309

Bojan Pantevski

Co-Founder & CTO of Hire Artists

ID 788679

Maurys Brito

ID 34726

Chris Hubert

Originally a web designer, then a self-taught programmer, now an entrepreneur launching

ID 119801

Ygor Lemos

Software Engineer & Systems Architect on: Python, Ruby, PHP, iOS, C, C++, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, NodeJS, Linux, Mac, MongoDB, NoSQL, Titanium, Scalability

ID 462745

Matías Penela

A senior technologist with over 10 years of experience in leading development teams, creating web applications and digital campaigns for top caliber brand.

ID 462323

Aniruddha Barapatre

Web developer with backend experience.

ID 482974

Dayan De la Paz

Developer, start-up mentality, strong code background with high motivation to learn. Love to code!

ID 838011

Hankler Blanco

Business Intelligence - Cognos Specialist

ID 496395

Frank Castro, PMP, CSM

Certified High Energy Project Manager specializing in Enterprise software development and deployments.

ID 865009

Chaklader Asfak Arefe

Self taught programmer, creative thinker, decent analytical and problem solving skill, quick learner, self-driven, and team-oriented individual.

ID 609851

Thomas Cutting

Full-Stack & Back-end Specialist, along with a few other tricks.

ID 767135

Ariel Silahian

Algorithmic trading systems, C#, VB.NET, VBA, c++, derivatives, forex,equities,option strategies,NinjaTrader, metatrader

ID 439211

Ronald Cabrera

Team member of a small company in South Florida, been with the company since the beginning when they first started offering VoIP and Broadband services

ID 746443

CCDEx Technologies

Founder of CCDEx Technologies LLC, BSc. Degree in System Engineering. Strong software development background.

ID 455813

Davaughn White

Teen Internet Entrepreneur. Founder and CEO of MyBizziBlog. Self-taught programmer.

ID 834119

Dante Elrik

Founder: CloudShopper, Retailer Labs

ID 728977

Giancarlo Gomez

ID 521749

Cas Mollien

Technologist and IT Leader. SMB Devotee for its constant drive and innovation. Specialized in leveraging practical uses of Open Source software and Cloud.

ID 773704

Will Prahl

CPA and full stack software developer. Passion for automating compliance, particularly in accounting and tax space

ID 288752

Matthieu Lefèvre

Worked at @wvi

ID 434906

Zafar Baig

ID 415351

Armando Angel Carcas Jr.

CEO of Grewpler. 

ID 604827

Hans Lopez

ID 467129

Miguel Alonso Jr

Engineer - Entrepreneur - Innovator - Creator - Adventurer - Not precisely in that order!

ID 830852

Christina Douzmanian

Programming Bootcamp Grad, Junior Full-Stack Developer

ID 817976

Alex Palmer

ID 804309

Merlin Parra Jiménez

Experienced software developer, java and PHP specialist, N-Tier web-based, windows-based applications, and database systems.

ID 88196

Christian Haskins

ID 308213

Juan Pablo Ramirez Angeloni

Innovative, creative Systems Security Architect. Secure by Design

ID 378811

Wm Joshua Byatt


ID 91634

Carlos Mario Mejia

Miami Web Developer, SEO, Project Manager, Software Architect, Linux Server Administrator

ID 399805

Lee Jingxuan

PhD candidate from Florida International University actively looking for jobs about data mining, big data analytics, information retrieval

ID 330827

[email protected]

Software Engineer at GetMyRx; Full Stack Web Developer with an eye for design. Experience with early stage startups.

ID 330085

Milosh Zorica

Founder BtcTrip

ID 93900

Keith Hayon

ideas are not complicated and neither is my mission. original film and music plan completed before the end of this year. high potential & interesting content

ID 111581

Wilfredo Garcia

Senior Information Manager at Aurora Diagnostics, LLC

ID 224617

Ashish Sharma

#product #coding #travel #UX

ID 398144

Rafael Souza

Full stack developer

ID 393035

Michael Benattar

Microsoft .Net Software Engineer, Master Degree in Computer Science

ID 376380

Angelo Nardone

Cofounder at and CTO at Commerce Services Inc, and IT Director at Institute for Medical Education and Research.

ID 255197

Gil Cohen


Co-Founded STS Telecom in 2002, acquired by EarthLink Business in 2011.

ID 204420

Jan Kube

Founder @fibooo-1 • loves accounting and coding • Worked at, TC Trustcenter, IMP (Tomorrow Focus), Lyreco

ID 205174

Luis Escobar

Founder AZTHETIK STUDIOS, Creative Designer, Web Craftsman, Prudent Strategist.

ID 113507

David Knell

Co-founder and lead developer for MoBubble and Expeerience. Always looking for a good challenge.

ID 309048

Raphael Pedrini

Miami FL. Mobile Developer. Titanium, Java and Obj-c Master. Great backend skills.

ID 280505

Gregory Lindor

Competent programmer, All self taught, Familiar with over 10 programming languages.

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