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ID 739688

Alexander Shvetsov Strong business background (10 years in Private Equity, Investment Banking and Business Consulting). INSEAD MBA 2014.

ID 724309

Bojan Pantevski

Co-Founder & CTO of Hire Artists

ID 413978

Ludovic Roche

Co-Founder & CEO (Americas) - Serial Entrepreneur - Established multiple distribution network, in the U.S. and around the world over the last 20 years.

ID 716279

Guy Kennett

CEO and Board Advisor, Director, Business Development, Aviation, Telecoms and Technology

ID 70478

Daniel Rodriguez

Computer Scientist & Entrepreneur

ID 815403

Dexter Josephs

Pritalus Photo Sharing Network

ID 800983

Alessandro Garcia

Founder @solides-tecnologia-s-a and @solides-llc , specialized in de-codify human behavior (for HR, Coaching, Educational and Big Data)

ID 845126

Jon Smyth

Founded and held senior positions at Internet companies in Europe / US since 99. Tiscali, Buongiorno, Atrinsic #Investor #entrepreneur #severalexits

ID 598417

Rafael Aguilar

Co-Founder & CEO: @my Sports Arena. Co-Founder & CTO @simple X Share. Co-Founder @selfeels Entrepreneur.

ID 515689

Tamar Lucien

Founder @canustart • Studied at @florida-state-university Love observing human interactions, its the start of all great design and all things edible.

ID 298248

Riccardo Pisano

Founder @prosimity-smarter-business-networking @geowinks @okidoqui Worked @university-of-miami MS @devry-university CS @third-university-of-rome

ID 142312

Arsène Lavaux

Foundeur. Designeur. Codeur. Marketeur. "Eur" with the French accent.

ID 765369

Aron Schwarzkopf


ID 143712

Kirill Elizarov


Founder DIN Forums Network and FUN Communications. Strong media and PR background (news outlets). Education: VGIK, Institute of Cinematography

ID 809186

Michael B Joslyn

Founder Galt Construction Technology, Inc. with over a decade in the construction industry delivering projects from labs to commercial towers.

ID 771891

Rodrigo Rodriguez

ID 601046

Thomas Keslinke

Thomas Co-founded @chef-s-roll-inc a global network for culinary professionals. Thomas has worked in fine-dining, Luxury hotels and Fortune 500 Companies.

ID 134092

Drew Martin

Founder @mecam-llc • Studied at @emory-university

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