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Map of the local innovation industry.
Meet some of the best and newest startups based in Miami.

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ID 436065

James Creixems

UX & UI designer | frontend coder | crafter | geek | bootstrapper | real, embracing & curious | the journey is the reward

ID 868651

Jamie Cohen

Vanderbilt CS/Math major, Art minor.

ID 830852

Christina Douzmanian

Programming Bootcamp Grad, Junior Full-Stack Developer

ID 874949

Breanna Faye

UX Designer, Tech-Ed Start-Up Co-Founder, MIT Media Lab Product Ventures Team Winner, Design Research, 3D Specialist, Project Management, Marketing and Branding

ID 815403

Dexter Josephs

Pritalus Photo Sharing Network

ID 788185

Martin Ycaza

Enthusiastic junior determined to thrive in a stimulating and demanding environment, contributing ample knowledge in technical support and information systems

ID 734150

Diego Watanabe

University of Florida Computer Science. Entry-level software engineer with web development startup experience looking to begin my career.

ID 769263

Angel Centeno

Graphic/Web Developer Freelancer | Worked as Internet Director for Sonic Automotive, Inc. | Studied at @ashford-university for Business (E-Marketing)

ID 834119

Dante Elrik

Founder: CloudShopper, Retailer Labs

ID 865009

Chaklader Asfak Arefe

Self taught programmer, creative thinker, decent analytical and problem solving skill, quick learner, self-driven, and team-oriented individual.

ID 580277


I make things from nothing and collect skills like stamps.

ID 48189

Michael Castilla

Front-end Developer & UX Designer

ID 391809

Chet Bortz

full stack engineer, purpose over profit

ID 455813

Davaughn White

Teen Internet Entrepreneur. Founder and CEO of MyBizziBlog. Self-taught programmer.

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