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ID 73368

Erik Ebright

I am who I am, because of who we all are.

ID 130352

TJ Weigel

Product designer and illustrator. Strong business and creative background. Studied @university-of-south-florida BFA 2012

ID 257604

Luis Chaparro

Skilled user interface designer with web/mobile usability experience. Well know for detail and craftsmanship skills and ability to spot emerging trends.

ID 255531

Joseph Santoro

DC/LA Superconnector @forbes @MoxieStrategy @StartupGrindDC @ADmapco Creative Strategist, Media2.0Sensei, Political Wonketeer, Entrepreneurial Techie, Neuro PhD

ID 73372

Jason Calleiro

Founder ResumeRobo • Work at @.CO • Worked at @senzari, @carecloud, @alienware

ID 45195

Jorge Barahona

Founder @clerkhotel-1, @ayerviernes • Studied at @pontificia-universidad-catolica

ID 429150

Michael McCord

Founder CEO + Systems Design @learnernation-1

ID 142312

Arsène Lavaux

Foundeur. Designeur. Codeur. Marketeur. "Eur" with the French accent.

ID 82332

Jack Hernandez


Founder @topmedia, Worked at @yahoo, @google • Studied at @florida-atlantic-university, @florida-international-university

ID 129085

Ramón Cacho

Marketing Manager @aptdeco | Co-founder @q-nepa-www-qnepa-com

ID 229089

Angelo Greco

Happiness seeker. Aspiring to leave our tomorrows better than our todays. Founder of Floqker. Putting your passions at your fingertips.

ID 75124

Michael Slocombe

Creative Director @cohealo

ID 42014

Marcos Moralez


Emmy Award Winning UI UX Designer with over 13yrs of exp.

ID 8077

Joaquim Venancio


Passionate entrepreneur at @ticies and @3dvix. Mobile at Banco do Brasil. Cook Trainee, Brazilian, Internet Enthusiast

ID 197805

Jose L Pimienta

Co-founder & CEO of @vinylfy. Serial entrepreneur. Designer.Coder. #battlehack Winner. Escaped from Cuba to pursue my dreams in a better place.

ID 4371

Jesse Thomas

Jesse Thomas is the Founder of @jess3 – a creative interactive agency specializing in Social Media Data Visualization.

ID 166493

Mike Cuesta

Director of Design & Community at @carecloud; design-driven and technology-focused growth strategist

ID 105618

Gabriel Rotman

Developed 2 Internet startups since age of 12; both were acquired before the age of 22. Consulted for start-ups, small public and Fortune 1000 companies.

ID 486033

Paul King


Founder of goCharge, mentor/investor/advisor to startups, 25 under 25 Businessweek, school @carnegie-mellon-university, profiled in FORTUNE, CNN, MediaWeek

ID 267491

Mitul Jay Patel

Founder matchfixr • Studied at @Heriot-Watt•Futures Trader•Director of Kennedy Brothers•

ID 405498

George Cuevas

CoFounder/CD of Creative team builder. Passionate about working with young entrepreneurs. UofF, Graphic Design BA

ID 469950

Barron Roth

CompEng @boston-university • Founder @downtyme • Product Engineer @amd • Designer • Photographer

ID 418706

Amy Peniston

Biomedical engineer turned freelance web & graphic designer - Just finished a job for Fodor's and looking to join a startup.

ID 45782

Paul Paliath


ID 131335

Dan Posnack

Freelance interactive, web design, UI design, social media consultant in the trenches for the last 13 years. Branding and marketing experience mixed in as well.

ID 5168

Chris Brisson

Co-Founder of Call Loop & Automize.

ID 215777

Jared Tysak

I build companies, I grow companies, I expand companies.

ID 278651


Business, analysis, and web background. MS in EE at GT. Fluent Portuguese, Spanish. Entrepreneurial spirit.

ID 874949

Breanna Faye

UX Designer, Tech-Ed Start-Up Co-Founder, MIT Media Lab Product Ventures Team Winner, Design Research, 3D Specialist, Project Management, Marketing and Branding

ID 82630

Dimitry Chamy

Design + Code x Loop

ID 239430

Alexander Jelinek

Product Management. Strategy. Engineering Leadership. Design, development, and growth of innovative software products that deliver significant real-world value

ID 177016

Carlos Taborda

Founder of Webbynode and Gistia.

ID 269775

Sean F Arcacha

Experienced IT Consultant and Technical Founder @plexisoft, @intelligent-pm

ID 116367

Jose Miguel Infante

Founder @squid-2 FIU International Business & Marketing major.

ID 43870

Mark G

Founder of 944 Magazine, UNIQ Lifestyles Magazine, Background before creating magazines: #1 Web Development Firm Business Journal Book of Lists.

ID 48189

Michael Castilla

Front-end Developer & UX Designer

ID 545073

Cristian Sturek


Founder @iot-do-internet-of-things and @open-houses-management-platform-inc Cloud Solutions Architect and Entrepreneur. 15 years IT Strategy. U.S Marine.

ID 151630

Otto Othman


Co Founder & Minister of Hustle @nightpro

ID 14930

Jess Page

Co-Founder of Green Sheep • Designer

ID 511638

George Gonzalez

UI/UX Designer with strong Graphic Design skills.

ID 327777

Ryan Parker

Brand Builder, Art Photographer, Golfer, Startup Guy

ID 260250

Thelson Richardson

CEO of Direct Dialect

ID 163353

A college dropout who started @realniggashit-com, made hundreds of t-shirts and they sold out the first week. Ready to take it to level.

ID 100857

Mario Cuello

Partner at Studop Inc. , Head of Research and Development as well as Marketing. Student at @florida-state-university University, as well as an Internet entrepreneur

ID 186791

Brian Fernalld

Front end engineer, entrepreneur, and cookie eater. Highly proficient in semantic HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, and PHP. Studied ECE at @OSU

ID 613846

Michelle R. Perez

Academic/Creative with a passion for designing and developing learning experiences.

ID 99633

Bryan Dennstedt

CIO, the internet is my life. Strong technical and business skills. RIT Grad. for more info.

ID 447753

Vladimir Mirzoyan

Wore the hats: Agency Founder, Creative Director, SaaS Director & Software Architect. At the end, Pixel perfect design rules! :)

ID 868651

Jamie Cohen

Vanderbilt CS/Math major, Art minor.

ID 299781

Eric Karbeling

University of Miami graduate; Designer

ID 186215

Julian Gottlieb

Founder Geoflik • Worked at GIS Center, @lunar-logic, @core-communications-corporation, Astro Data Services • Studied at @florida-international-university

ID 753403

Alejandro Gomez

Creator of Xspiri event-searching platform, UI/UX designer, Miami Business Plan Competition Finalist, insatiable appetite to learn.

ID 394309

David Capelli

Social Entrepreneur at the University of Miami currently launching the most innovative furniture product and Mobile App in the United States

ID 287584

Gino Pacini Jr.

CEO of Pinblu, Inc. 1st Startup launched just last year. Business background (Family Business in Flexible Packaging). Bentley University BS Business Management 2009.

ID 325155

William Lukach

12+ years Interactive Design & Advertising Creative for Online Marketing & Beyond. Specialized in Luxury brands, Fashion, Real Estate, and Hospitality.

ID 10278

Diego Luis Sarmiento

Co-Founder & CTO of WebProAdmin. Master Degree in Technology (PUC Chile).

ID 578182

Gracie Padron

Graphic Designer, Branding Expert, Mobile App Designer, Author

ID 365559

John Bradley Davis

Strategic leader with extensive digital & interactive marketing experience for both US Hispanic and general market. Google Certified with Design Experience

ID 190685

Michelle Gooding

Studied at @university-of-miami

ID 288847

Kaven Jean-Charles

Founder, Managing Partner at NM Creative Agency.

ID 96134

Jonatan Alava

Director of Engineering @earlyshares • Techie with business insight able to speak geek and business

ID 769263

Angel Centeno

Graphic/Web Developer Freelancer | Worked as Internet Director for Sonic Automotive, Inc. | Studied at @ashford-university for Business (E-Marketing)

ID 456564

Frankie Hayward

Creating @CatalystSquared.

ID 470631

Stephen Revesz

iOS interactive & visual designer. Also, studying physics & astronomy at university.

ID 843803

Lisa Thomas

Creative UX and unconventional hybrid designer with a unique répertoire and a background in industrial design. A passionate solution finder, dedicated to UCD.

ID 877602

Kiril Sapunenko

Making worthy ideas into reality is my passion.

ID 804335

John Harding

Launched new social network, 7 years experience in CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. 1.5 years working experience.

ID 788185

Martin Ycaza

Enthusiastic junior determined to thrive in a stimulating and demanding environment, contributing ample knowledge in technical support and information systems

ID 192998

Bruce Palmer

Studied at Art Institute of Pittsburgh

ID 260979

Danielle Espinel

UI Designer - Graphic designer with more than ten years of experience.

ID 416758

Matthew Waxelbaum

Founder daily global groove • Worked at @rodman-renshaw • Studied at @university-of-central-florida

ID 491966

Andre Allen

Founder Couch Friends • Studied at @full-sail-university-1

ID 231525

Katya Sarmiento

College Student, Quick & Eager Learner, Web Designer

ID 209223

Rod Ruiz

Art Director & Fashion Photographer

ID 681593

Laura Pulido

Passionate, career driven in love with design and technology

ID 205174

Luis Escobar

Founder AZTHETIK STUDIOS, Creative Designer, Web Craftsman, Prudent Strategist.

ID 186370

Devin Robbins


ID 644804

Rebecca White

Designer & illustrator, fluent in English & Español.

ID 279000

Lawrence Binder


Founder of Binder Biomedical, part of original engineering team at Globus Medical (GMED)

ID 415230

Manuel Quintanilla

Connect, Create & Grow!

ID 191014

Matthew Philips

Jamaican, Web Designer, Graphic Designer, UI Designer

ID 492783

Fernando Boza

Worked at @sbs-broadcasting • Studied at @miami-international-university-of-art-design

ID 195223


Founder euMetrica

ID 430696

Matthew Quatrani

On my way.

ID 88196

Christian Haskins

ID 131404

Camilo Palomeque

Founder & Developer of the @html5console-com. I also work as a creative director with many years of experience in Motion Design and UI / UX development.

ID 814376

Christopher Cayon

ID 889740

Nazli Danis

Designer at Kairos, Fellow at Venture for America, Barnard'14

ID 253690

Helmut Franco

Founder @surrealimagine-studios, @emotion-tv • Worked at @icrtv, @non-stop-digital, @univision-online, Creator, Serial Entrepreneur, Art & Technology bonded.

ID 436065

James Creixems

UX & UI designer | frontend coder | crafter | geek | bootstrapper | real, embracing & curious | the journey is the reward

ID 263496

Chris Scott

Founder Metaphase, Metaphase

ID 47002

Tyler McIntyre


A young tech entrepreneur with vision and ability.

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