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ID 254109

Francesco Matteini

Founder InnReg • Worked at @zecco, @tradeking • Studied at @harvard-kennedy-school, @universita-degli-studi-di-firenze

ID 202311

Artem Volos

COO/CFO & Co-founder @clutch-prep (previously @j-p-morgan-1)

ID 36111

Rahul Panchal

Founder @, former advertising creative from Crispin Porter, Weiden Kennedy and Young & Rubicam

ID 532426

Charles Walter

Director of Growth at Rokk3r Labs, a tech portfolio company based in Miami. Passionate about tech in South Florida.

ID 38596

Adam Rogas


Founder / COO @load (SaaS/asp), CTO @vegas-com (sold to Greenspun Media Group), CIO CityQuick (@la-com,, Adviser London Board Of Tourism

ID 44406



ID 90892

Val Brennan

Fmr. bigfirm Laywer turned entrepreneur-business expert passionate about the health & fitness space. Fndr @three-day-rule • Wrkd at @bryan-cave • Studied at @university-of-florida

ID 34592

Alex de Carvalho

Co-Founder at BuzzMed, Adjunct Professor at U. Miami, Author, Co-Founder of @the-startup-forum and Founder of Social Media Club South Florida, among other things

ID 414463

Philipp Muehlbauer


Co-Founder of Picanova Group, first startup founded out of highschool, Entrepreneur, Onlinemarketing Generalist, Angel Investor and Master in General Management

ID 486033

Paul King


Founder of goCharge, mentor/investor/advisor to startups, 25 under 25 Businessweek, school @carnegie-mellon-university, profiled in FORTUNE, CNN, MediaWeek

ID 541617

Jose Llorens

Founder & CEO at Universe • Adventurer/thrill-seeker, Writer @elite-daily , Brining Ideas to Life, Business Development/Marketing

ID 247743

Juan Jose Reyes, MD

Board certified physician and past clinical director at Carecloud, a healthcare tech start-up. MD, MBA ( University of Colorado)

ID 55514

Dwayne Morrison

Investor. Expert Go-Getter. Gamer. An all-around good guy.

ID 125138

Javaughn Lawrence

Entrepreneurial Yale Senior interested in summer opportunities in start-ups and VC/PE investing. interests include CPG, retail analytics, and emerging markets.

ID 436574

Rebecca Taskin

Head of Operations.

ID 74467

Brett Reed

Chief Operating Officer of @cohealo

ID 51278

Peter Hubshman

Start-up, private equity, and capital markets experience combined. I work at the early and first round stages to conceptualize strategies and financial plans.

ID 64260

Jon Lamb


Father, CEO, COO, CMO, Accredited Angel Investor, Board Member and Automotive Insider

ID 35515

Michael Konig


CEO at

ID 47430

Sarah Haselkorn

Founder/CEO at @green-bean; Ad tech background (Media Armor, Off Campus Media/Bonfyre); BS Systems Engineering from @washington-university-in-saint-louis, 2013.

ID 261786

Arturo Meza

Founder @magnolia • Worked at @groupon, @mckinsey-company

ID 210852

Adam Scott Riff


Senior executive and entrepreneur with 13 years of experience in marketing / comms, digital media, strategy, product management and operations.

ID 215963

Jonathan Doro

Firm Believer in Play Hard.. Work Hard.. UCF Business Mgmt Undergrad. Current Co-Founder of #fitmap

ID 739688

Alexander Shvetsov Strong business background (10 years in Private Equity, Investment Banking and Business Consulting). INSEAD MBA 2014.

ID 653907

Mike Greenberg

Multidisciplinary (attorney, software, finance) Startup Specialist.

ID 455590

Herman Bynke


Worked @wrapp @xceed @madison * Founder @hela @Festivus  

ID 441151

Mark Crofton

Global VP, Sales Academy SAP. I teach people how to sell. Ex VP Sales, Account Executive, Pre-Sales. Launched incubator in LAC. Former: VC, @McKinsey consultant

ID 541676

Michael Garrett

Founder & CEO of Physioworks. Strong background working all athletes & Maximizing peoples physical potential. Has a unique vision in field of P.T delivery

ID 90094

Cedric Watkins

Seasoned entrepreneur, strategist, biz dev and marketing executive. Expertise in marketing, new media, mobile devices, digital content management.

ID 484024

Allen Sanabria

I excel at making this work together as well as automation and monitoring. I get annoyed when a task is done more than once manually and I love to see beautiful metrics that makes sense.

ID 143731

Joey Ricard


Degree in IT. 1st startup at 22, grew to $1.6M in sales in 18 mos. I believe in the triumph of humanity...with a little help from technology.

ID 452511

Jeff Evans


Professional investor (Everest Capital, Axiom) and prior entrepreneur with strong business/financial/operations background. Co-founded MindSnacks; Yale MBA 2013

ID 409614

Thierry Godard

Founder @daep-media Journalist (Road & Track & Craftbeer) 5 years with digital media startups. Former Editor @smartasset. Studied at @carnegie-mellon-university

ID 745910

Andrew Menendez

Diverse background with experience in supply chain management, software development and a few months of investment banking experience. Division 1 soccer player.

ID 469950

Barron Roth

CompEng @boston-university • Founder @downtyme • Product Engineer @amd • Designer • Photographer

ID 831705

Ashley Blumberg

Soon to be MBA graduate. Looking for a career change from Accenture Consulting. Owned my own business in college.Business mindset with technical knowledge.

ID 15245

Kevin McCarthy

@mckinsey-company internal healthcare data/analytics startup. Previously open gov and data utilization for B2B & commercial insurance at Risk Metrics

ID 545073

Cristian Sturek


Founder @iot-do-internet-of-things and @open-houses-management-platform-inc Cloud Solutions Architect and Entrepreneur. 15 years IT Strategy. U.S Marine.

ID 481880

Jason Weinreb | University of Miami MBA '15

ID 121981

Eduardo Gonzalez Loumiet, MBA, PMP

Entrepreneur, Advisor and Project Manager. Work at Uber Opearations. Co-founded BCMPros. Founded @gonzalez-loumiet-group and FuseTank.

ID 771179

Genna Selesnick

Can't Stop. Won't Stop.

ID 426386

Brian Adamovich

Team leadership, strategic planning, business development, marketing with a focus on analytics, risk analysis, win-win negotiation and conflict resolution.

ID 159399

Fernando Pafumi

Successful entrepreneur and corporate leader

ID 251795

Mateo Hernandez-Ysasi

Studied at Cornell University. Applied Econ and Mgmt; Worked at Goldman Sachs & iInside. Recreational crime fighter with a penchant for wanderlust.

ID 710326

Amberly Nardo

ID 548939

Blas Montezano III

Founder @study-rite-inc • Worked at @florida-international-university-1, @broward-college-1 • Studied at @florida-international-university

ID 794845

LG Jackson

Co-Founder, CFO of Etoile Blanc Consulting LLC; Tax LL.M. (New York University School of Law); Attorney (licensed in WV and NC); Certified Public Accountant

ID 186419

Jim Marsee

Developed and implemented int'l sales (ex-US) strategies at multiple small companies. Generally seek channel partners in target markets as most efficient entry

ID 671158

Brandon Leeds

Founder Arrivyl • Worked at @tigerdirect, @systemax • Studied at @LehighUniversity

ID 494004

Trent Rumbaugh

Founder @geist-corporation • Worked at @us-army • Studied at @florida-international-university, @allegheny-college, @american-military-university MBA, MAIA, Cert in Competitive Intelligence

ID 658841

Hailey Perelman

Extensive research/archival training, MA in History of Art, MA Museum Studies, head of visual arts department, passion for woodworking/medieval art.

ID 500721

Mani Gill

Studied at @university-of-southern-california

ID 477054

Gregory Hoffman

I am a social entrepreneur who utilizes creativity, leadership, and teamwork to design and execute solutions that create change.

ID 474735

Arlin Bleclic

Founder CLEARGOL Technologies Inc. • looking for investors to fund entry into Brazilian tower construction and purchase market.

ID 526964

Josef Reed

ID 693621

Allan Landman

Amherst College Chemistry - cum Laude; Bilingual - English & Spanish; Quantitative mind and fast learner.

ID 100151

David Yakobovitch

Data Scientist at ADP, Special Projects. Strong business background (Deutsche Bank, Citi, Aflac). B.S. Finance/Stats. Hackathon veteran. PM/Biz Dev.

ID 613846

Michelle R. Perez

Academic/Creative with a passion for designing and developing learning experiences.

ID 470353

Steven Kreimendahl

BS in Journalism and BA in Jewish Studies from University of Colorado Boulder. Strong social media and technology background.

ID 274055

Manuel Garcia

Partner at Studop Inc. Passionate about connecting things.

ID 556544

Daniel Bustillo

Project Manager | Online Marketing | Manage High-Performance Teams | MBA

ID 685348

Pranav Dobhal

Carnegie Mellon grad student, 5 years Business Intelligence experience, Currently interested in machine learning and data science using Python.

ID 509293

Lauren Gersny

JD Emory; BSBA University of Florida; worked with Biotech, E-commerce, Software startups

ID 870309

Linh Tu

Notre Dame BA.  Strong hospitality, business, and communications background.

ID 626793

Simmi Shulman

ID 843257

Reinaldo Orellana

Suffolk University BSBA 2014, Global Business & Entrepreneurship Major. Background in Operations, Project Management, and Consulting.

ID 721097

Zackary Simkins

Professional actively seeking any opportunities that would allow me to combine my aptitude for leadership with my transferable analytical problem solving skills

ID 490227

Girish Alwani

Founder ThePopcrowd • Studied at @university-of-miami

ID 748021

Carlos Iraola

Highly determined, reliable and persistent Sales and Business Development Manager with more than 15 years of extensive experience in sales.

ID 825830

Sergio Plotnik

Master level for Service Delivery / Service Management. Regional / Global experience in providing "Value" to customers "Ecosystems". Expert post sales Leader.

ID 698910

Steven Tromberg

Very hard working and devoted professional with years of marketing, sales, and business development experience in the financial services industry.

ID 114869

Roberto Manguel / Cloud Apps for SMBs. mJoyNetworks-CoFounder / SMS gateway in Latam sold to JetMultimedia. Winit-President/ Corp. software dev. house.

ID 609831

Raymond Frias

I enjoy exploring possibilities and building great things. Founder, CEO @thrame Past: Ambassador, Pluto Software

ID 666142

Jim Etkin

Founder/CEO Event Options - on-line platform for event products and services. President ME Productions - corporate events. Founder/CEO MPBid - B2B; 5 patents.

ID 114548

Ryan Lipps

Research Coordinator at @cbre

ID 305108

Jazmin Carrillo

Strong business and operations experience. Looking for an opportunity with a company interested in targeting US Hispanic/LATAM Markets.

ID 832051

Michael Land

J.D/Economics background with a passion for technology and investments.

ID 531032

Ron Schnell

You've heard of me because I'm the author of Dunnet, the computer game installed on more computers than any other game (except Solitaire)

ID 288179

Alex Seage

Founder of The Auto Vault Miami. Strong business background and automotive enthusiast. BS in Industrial Engineering.

ID 99633

Bryan Dennstedt

CIO, the internet is my life. Strong technical and business skills. RIT Grad. for more info.

ID 558662

Peter Ivanov

UCSB Graduate. US and RU Citizen. Fluent English. Young Business Development Entrepreneur and Professional.

ID 703311

Patrick Mansell

Founder Aquaurum Gold Water

ID 565231

Christopher Parent

Founder @3ddigitaldoubles-com, • Studied at @university-of-maine, Gnomon School of VFX

ID 451931

Steve Schellbach

BS '13 Management Science from University of Miami. Founding Partner @ Monima Group, LLC.

ID 712665

McKillop Erlandson

Lawyer, Jack of All Trades, Regulation Expert

ID 697183

Jonathon Belgrad

University of Miami Honors Student Helping Startups with Business Development

ID 826655

Alex K

A multilingual sales oriented professional with an extensive experience in worldwide sales and business development with a strong focus on emerging markets

ID 446945

Valerie Andrade

University of Miami alum; diverse in Sales & Marketing; start-up enthusiast

ID 755144

Ara Galarza

CEO | Co-Founder @eat-in-chef

ID 601043


Looking for something new. Interested in entrepreneurship and technology.

ID 726069

Julio Jorge Ortiz

Multilingual professional fluent in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Basic understanding of Mandarin Chinese.

ID 515140

Elisa Reyes

Strong business background with experience in Leadership and Entrepreneurship. Have worked as marketing director for an education startup.

ID 801576

Yessenia Acosta

Key member of the operations team supporting data management, client reporting, research and process improvements.

ID 640966

Jay Whitley

Creative, passionate, hardworking, team-player, scrappy, loyal, dedicated, willingness to learn more,worked at Whisper app.

ID 666103

Sarah Milligan

Fledgling Sales Maven. Excited to start career in B2B software sales. Fresh grad B.S. in Biz. Quick learner possessing charm that travels beyond Charleston, SC.

ID 815403

Dexter Josephs

Pritalus Photo Sharing Network

ID 78447

Danubio Valdes

Founder @uroom360 • Studied at @miami-dade-college

ID 477536

Gregory Papalexis

Versatile leader with management proficiencies in both operations (food manufacturing) and finance (high-risk secured debt) with entrepreneurial experience.

ID 473817

Allan T. Herman

COO and Founder of Sellit • Worked at @vemma, @paul-a-herman-law-group • Studied at @florida-state-university

ID 608758

Calvin Bonifacio

I am a "fixer". I make things work better, perform better, deliver better results. I function well in nearly any environment.

ID 365559

John Bradley Davis

Strategic leader with extensive digital & interactive marketing experience for both US Hispanic and general market. Google Certified with Design Experience

ID 756806

Jonathan Espinosa

Investment professional with a real estate focus- looking to change the way the average Joe invests in local development projects.

ID 551283

Tony Pi

10 years experience in Financial Services, Relationship Management, International Relationship Management, Continued Business in Western Europe & Latin America, Business Development, Sales, International Sales, Market Analysis, Client Relations, Customer

ID 769263

Angel Centeno

Graphic/Web Developer Freelancer | Worked as Internet Director for Sonic Automotive, Inc. | Studied at @ashford-university for Business (E-Marketing)

ID 740884

Julian Urrego

University of Miami BSEE, Audio/DSP Engineer

ID 496965

Jason S. Silverman


Co-Founder/COO of Model Launcher. business development with an entertainment background; Studied at @long-island-university-c-w-post-campus

ID 422585

Michael Robinson

My passion and education are in business economics. My experience has included wearing many hats and working with a diverse range of businesses from smallbusiness, local, state, and federal govt, to even large corporations. I'd love an opportunity to

ID 629671

Jorge Hidalgo

Start-up enthusiast with leadership and people management skills.

ID 802314

Santiago Acosta

Film student at MDC with a passion for good design and education. Strong software and hardware background; Adobe Certified Associate; Troubleshooter at hand

ID 737278

Amanda Burr

Focused on customer experience, employee hiring and development, and deploying and creating training in a technology field; Certified Mac and iOS technician.

ID 415230

Manuel Quintanilla

Connect, Create & Grow!

ID 788185

Martin Ycaza

Enthusiastic junior determined to thrive in a stimulating and demanding environment, contributing ample knowledge in technical support and information systems

ID 308213

Juan Pablo Ramirez Angeloni

Innovative, creative Systems Security Architect. Secure by Design

ID 509151

Tyler Novo

Extremely well rounded hospitality professional looking to transition into entrepreneurship/startups at any level

ID 483069

Maurice Pinto

ID 646414

Kyle Ditto

ID 478708

shaina davis

met performance benchmarks in all areas

ID 580050

Robert Kuhar

Fully competent in all aspects involving Construction, Electrical Systems, And Energy Efficiency. QUICK LEARNER HARD WORKER!

ID 659152

Stephen Jayne

I launched my first company while in university, it was my baby project up until graduation. Now I want to go out, get my hands dirty and develop more projects.

ID 731895

Mark Davidoff

Professional online poker player looking to find a new profession; 3 months experience in Africa attempting to start a business involving mobile technology

ID 659950

Daniella Trilla

Great disposition to work, flexible hours

ID 834119

Dante Elrik

Founder: CloudShopper, Retailer Labs

ID 656504

dheeraj valleru

ID 317260

Rasmi Wadi

Founder and COO at Split Direct. One of the youngest CGCs in Florida state history 8 years experience in business operations and strategy.

ID 764816

Victoria A

MBA Graduate; Operations Assistant for a tech/manufacturing startup.

ID 453397

Jose Blanco

Experienced business manager, startups, accounting and sales. 21 Years experience in the entertainment industry.

ID 550332

Mauricio Bendeck

Go-getter Sales & Market Development Collaborator for engaging enterprise and mobile targets in The Americas

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