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ID 84961

Maurice Lopes

Founder @earlyshares, @hotbrick-network-solutions • Worked at @motorola

ID 615139

Rene de la Chesnaye

CTO and Head of Strategic Partnerships @Flyanairliner USA • Co-Founded La Rouge Entertainment • Worked @dell, CaesarsEntertainment, OMSA • Studied at @College of Southern Nevada

ID 545073

Cristian Sturek


Founder @iot-do-internet-of-things and @open-houses-management-platform-inc Cloud Solutions Architect and Entrepreneur. 15 years IT Strategy. U.S Marine.

ID 765369

Aron Schwarzkopf


ID 703311

Patrick Mansell

Founder Aquaurum Gold Water

ID 695398

Ryan Wood

ID 661557

Josh Benson

CEO of NewsAlly. 15-year, award-winning television news anchor. Web developer. Videographer/Editor. Hyper-organized.

ID 771891

Rodrigo Rodriguez

ID 104320

Juan Gomez

Founder of Sokk3r and soccer fanatic. Motivated entrepreneur, business savvy, finance major and MBA holder. Working diligently to revolutionize amateur soccer.

ID 373992

Andrés Tovar


ID 581379

Patrick Arenson

Founder Pingwheel • Worked at @grooveshark, @founders-pad-1 • Studied at @university-of-florida

ID 134092

Drew Martin

Founder @mecam-llc • Studied at @emory-university

ID 70478

Daniel Rodriguez

Computer Scientist & Entrepreneur

ID 472588


Founder of SHiiFT a community dedicated to Car,Truck and Motorcycle enthusiast around the world • Worked at @fedex, @robert-bosch

ID 565231

Christopher Parent

Founder @3ddigitaldoubles-com, • Studied at @university-of-maine, Gnomon School of VFX

ID 298248

Riccardo Pisano

Founder @prosimity-smarter-business-networking @geowinks @okidoqui Worked @university-of-miami MS @devry-university CS @third-university-of-rome

ID 327777

Ryan Parker

Brand Builder, Art Photographer, Golfer, Startup Guy

ID 301437

Dawn Dickson

Founder, CEO Flat Out of Heels. Marketing, business development and fundraising consultant for 10 years. Very strong network, access to the top venues in the US

ID 815403

Dexter Josephs

Pritalus Photo Sharing Network

ID 359558

Daniel Jurado

Founder @spokeable • Worked at @worku-ventures-intl, @building-components-group-miami-fl • Studied at @university-of-miami College of Engineering

ID 122118

Myk Likhov

Entrepreneur and risk-taker. Interested in opportunities in the health/wellness industry.

ID 554207

Allen Guthier

Founder @guthier-enterprises-inc, @platypus-enterprises-llc • Worked at @apple, @motorola, @watsco • Studied at @university-of-florida

ID 668796

Shevone Bulgin

Founder ShevvyB Music • Studied at @sae-institute-1

ID 739688

Alexander Shvetsov Strong business background (10 years in Private Equity, Investment Banking and Business Consulting). INSEAD MBA 2014.

ID 446569

Simon Tian

Founder & CEO at Neptune

ID 28205

Daniel G. Burstyn

Chief Operating Officer at neuromore

ID 288714

Anthony Worku

CEO of WorkuVentures Entrepreneur Founder, Spokeable

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